Please give us more details, more specifically about your English improvements whiles staying in MyEC.

As for me, I can say to you now that I've been definitely & gradually improved my written & spoken English ever since I joined here in MEC on February 2010, as I've already described how I tried & learned on one of my blogs, called 'Some dilemmas & future improvements of learning English!'. Now I have more confidence in my English expressions and I am able to see the mistakes of my friend's blog or their comments or their messages. I know I still need to focus on some specific areas where I should try & learn for further improvements.

However, I am so happy what I've gained, how much I've achieved in reaching to the goal so far and also to see myself a certain unexpected ability as enabling myself to express spontaneously in anything & everything whatever I have in mind, for the future English improvements. SO FAR SO GOOD!

Please tell us about your improvements....

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  • Hi James! Hi everyone!

    I joined MyEC about 3 months ago. Not much time, though, to compare anything. Yet, I can say I feel some difference. I began formulate my thoughts faster. That's for sure. Besides, I picked up a couple of words while trying to get the accurate meaning of some members' posts or to find the very same necessary word while commenting. Thanks to Google translator which is always at hand. It has been still my prompter, but as time goes I edge to use it less then earlier and mostly it serves as my spell checker.

    Other words, commenting gives me words in context, thus I can remember them far efficiently. And yes, I have improved a little bit. :-)

    P.S. Thanks for starting the topic. It gives additional encouragement when you notice your improvement.
    P.P.S. I started to type in English a great deal faster. ;)


    I definitely will appreciate it if any corrections on my writing.

  • For me since my stay here in Eng lish Club I have been taking some improvement, it could be that I really feel more self-confident and being much more aware of how to express all things I really feel up to :)

    on the other hand I also notice myself of the culture as using English as second language,

    Hurm..  Im not sure for that how it will come out :)  so...every day I try to free up myself  and head for English Club that is quite a nice place to be up for, that all...        

    • Hi, Do Thu Hoang Yen! (I don't know what your name is)....

      Thanks for your reply to this discussion with your experience!

      I think you seem to have had the very same experience with me... having had more self-confident in my expressions of written & spoken English, as I could have freely express myself in anything & everything with whatever I have in mind. Actually I feel great, although I have a lot to learn in a certain area....

    • Hi, James Shin ! 

      Hoang yen is my name in Vietmanese and How I can address you more properly ? :)

      Its really happy that we have the same experience  .....all is real enjoyment and much of free feeling while learning English, it will do from now on...   

      I have not told about my dream in English yet, appearantly this experince is a litle bit crazy isn't :) what personal experince will you share with me ?   

      James, thank for the word that cheer me on a lots,

      Talk soon 

    • Having a dream in English sounds very interesting.... I don't think it's a crazy sound. Actually I've already written many of my personal experiences on my blogs, if you are interesting in reading my experiences as perhaps it will be new to you, what don't you visit my blogs & read them? If you have a spare time to read my blogs, please don't forget to leave your comments which I will be interested too.
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    • Hi, Nazie!

      Yeah, I think so too. Before I joined in MyEC, I tried a couple of other websites in Learning or Practicing English, and I wasn't happy with them at all with many reason, but as soon as I registered here, I felt this was the right one for me and ever since, it has been greatly helpful for me and I've absorbed so much advantages by making many new friends (even if they come & go), learning other different cultures & thoughts together, and I've gained more confidence in my English, enabling to express myself in anything & everything whatever I have in mind, which makes me so happy & great.

      On the other hand, I've seen some children who were loosing their language skills. They came to UK with their parents because of the job being assigned in abroad, so they lived in UK for 3 to 5 years. While they were staying in UK, their children went to the public or private schools and they were speaking English fluently as native speakers, but they lost these language skills a couple of years later after they went back to their home country, as they had no choices because there was no one could speak in English with them. 

    • Hi, Mona!

      Please don't think of yourself a lazy girl! I see what you've been doing and I think you've evntually had many benefits from what you did so far, as you felt great in your achievements. Yeah, sure, you will have a great improvement if you push yourself a little bit stepping forward.

  • To be honest , I've joined MyEC since march 2010 . 

    My English was too bad so that I found it a little bit difficult to understand and to post a commend so I didn't get any benefit from it . 


    However,I think my English reach a level that I can be active in this amazing website.   

    • Hi, Husam!

      What you said is a kind of such a expression, 'Not only A but B', as a comparative grammar.

      Thanks for telling us your experience, as you seem to be proud of yourself at least reaching to be active here in MyEC. However, I think you have a hidden potentiality to have better language skills for your future improvement especially in writing sooner or later. So please don't give up but keep going...!

    • thanks James

      sorry I didn't get what you said about the expression 'Not only A but B' could you please explain it .

      I've been in Ireland since march 2010 which really helped me to improve my English.So I'm not proud at all but you can say I'm really depressed because I think my English should be better depends on the length of period that I spent in Ireland .Any way, thanks for your opinion about my hidden potentiality to be a good writer , I hope so just to pass the IELTS exam which has become my nightmare .


      thanks again

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