First of all, receive my warmest greetings and hugs. 

I would like to share my happiness with you all.

I couldn't be more grateful about you, guys. In this occasion, I am introducing to you the Birthday present that our friend Mitran sent to me from Vietnam... to Venezuela. Long distance, isn't it?

Thank you, my dear for such a sacrifice. I know it wasn't easy but your gift was the first thing I saw when I got home from Russia. It really made me smile. Knowing that I am loved and appreciated by someone makes me feel blessed. God bless you and sorry if Venezuela is a very far away country. 

I don't know how to express my gratitude with ENGLISH CLUB. Thanks to it, I could meet my Russian friends and accomplish my dreams and make safe friends. 

I hope you guys also keep in touch and someday, hopefully, we can meet each other: ALL OF USS, as a convention  How about that? We can create our own EC Annual convention or reunion. I keep my hopes up. 

Let's see. 

With love, 

Oriana. (my real name)

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  • Mitran always sent gift to her Friends 

    I also received the gift last month 

    now our turn to sent gift to her and appreciate her unique hobbit in EC member   

    • Umar...don't worry dear. It's my pleasant that I have you as my friend. Till now, just save your money and one day...let makes your dream becomes true. Deal?

    • Thank you =)

    • Oh, yes. I am thinking about send her a present too =) and yes, she made me really happy with such beautiful birthday gift =) 

    • I'm so happy Teacher :)

  • And kekeke......of course, I love my avatar too. Am I ....beautiful? lol...

  • My beautiful Teacher....

    Hihihi...don't ask me..where am I now??? Actually, I'm flying in the nine cloud..because of your sweet words. Dear, don't worry about the gift. It's very cheap. And don't you bracelet, I did it for you. Hope it fix you.

    Ya, too far...and you know, last time, when I sent my gifts to my friends. It took only 10-15 days...Your country..OMG...more than one month...hahaha..I wonder, how many days if I walk to your house. maybe, I need all my life, right?

     You loved it. It makes me so happy. Thank you dear ..thanks for being my best friend. Hope one day, we can meet in real.

    Love you.........

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