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Hello everybody. My name is Jan and I live in east of Slovakia (Europe). I'm an averige 27y old man with passion for cars, travelling, good music in every style and also I'm gym and fight sports fanatic. I'm looking for some Skype speaking partners t

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hello guys may this message finds you well. my name is omar i am from Egypt . i am a biology teacher . i want to improve my english so i found that the best way for doing that is by joining your community it was highly recommended . best regards than

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Hello friends.

Hello everyone:

I'm new here. I want to grow my English Language. The only way is practice with friends and native Americans. I hope found greats friends here and practice my language with they. My native language is Spanish. I will be available to te

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Hi guys.

Hello everyone dear English Lovers, it's still remains a pleasure to be among you guys. My name's Alpha Rachid Guire I'm from Senegal and a student at Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar . I'm following English studies. I enjoy listening English m

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Hi guys

I am Tho from Vietnam. I completed my graduation in my native language. So I am little affraid to use in English. I am working in an IT company since 2yrs where I have to speak in English. My writing skills are better then speaking. I want a serious

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