Hi, everyone! Although our ladies are unique and spellbound every day, upcoming holidays always make them think about buying some new wear to shine with their stunning beauty at the parties. My female cats seem not to be an exception. They have decided to dress up and to change their usual image!
As footwear, especially wearing one shoe, has already become a habitual topic, I propose to accomplish it with this funny photo challenge suggested by our dear Cat Lady Mary and approved by our dear mod Grace.

So, I am posting a few pictures reflecting my cats’ life. A black-and-white spotty cat is our older female Kuzyasha. She is about 7 years old. A gray cat is our male Bux of about 1,5. A tricolor kitten is our younger female Sonny. They are not relatives but make a great family.

Now, I’d like you to write a short story from cats’ life based on these pictures. Those who don’t like or don’t know cats may write any funny story about the same situation in human life.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy such a challenge. It meets New Year mood!

Please, leave the links to your blogs here and I will surely read them all.

Have a great weekend!

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  • Wow! Rose, this poem is very cool!!! :) I like it very much!

    Thank you for sharing!!!! The cats are so cool, funny and cute!

  • Hi Danny! Here is my blog.


    Danny's Writing Challenge: To go or not to go?
    Once Bux noticed that his daughter Sonny needs the new shoes. He discussed it with Kuzyasha and they decided to buy the sneakers for little Sonny.…
  • Rose, hahaha! I feel almost like this! Thank you very much!

    However, I meant you all would understand the idea of that collage.

    My older female cat "tried on" Tanya's sneaker. The younger female decided to do the same. So, the older one explained her step-daughter she had to know her place. My male cat was watching that scene thinking, "Dear girls, you look much better without any footwear, your fur coats are luxurious enough! So, why not to take off everything and to have a rest after such a tiring day?!"


  • Hi Danny, to comfort you a little for that we don't to know what to write about your cats (including me), I send you a nice poem (it is not written by me this time!). I hope you enjoy reading.

    Cats in Every Space

    I live a very simple life
    with cats in every space
    But when I got to bed at night
    they sleep upon my face.

    Now to live without the luxury
    of cats in every space
    Would be to live a sorry life
    in a very sorry place.

    I've never been without a cat
    and this I can uphold
    I'll have a cat in every space
    Until I'm gray and old.

    For every fool should be aware
    that cats are complex creatures
    they live about in every space
    And give the house its features.

    Now take my house away from me
    and place me in a tent
    I'll have a cat in every space
    And still I'll be content.

    by Mark A. Dye

  • My friends, I think it was not a good idea! It hasn't caused any interest.

  • Teacher Dan,

    If Noas here, she would have brilliant ideas about cat. :D I like cats, but I don't raise any cats at home. Hope members will enjoy the challenge. 

    Have a great week, Sir! ^^

  • Hmmmm! Sounds interesting! I will give it a try!

    Thank you Danny! Have a great weekend!

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