Writing Challenge: Mr. and Ms. EC Q and A

I think this is the good chance for me to accept The Writing Challenge from Lady Anne. The topic was raised very nice and quite intriguing, because I am sure that all of members here have ever felt of those questions containing from this challenge. Please enjoy the time for reading my first blog of Writing Challenge :).

  • What do you think is the best section in EC that has made your English learning improved? Why?

Let me say, I am a new member (an active member) since last last year, although administratively I have registered since 2013. The first time I joined this site, I never explored it futher. I rarely signed in it and only participated for chat  section for bit, it had ended up for around 2 months of  the last year, I found a new atmosphere here, at MyEC. What is that?

One of them is the blogging part, before I was dragged into it unconsciously, I just commented on some discussions and some blogs, not more than that in order to practice my English skill (I think my English is soo poor, and I need to improve it through active commenting in those sections in myEC, just confident by myself that I have till this time…:D and try hard learning from mistakes). The time came when one of my friends in this site told me that I could be achieve my goal through reading blogs more often, and I am trying.

Time goes by, I began to realize that I was falling in love more and more with this world, I even though I need extra effort to refresh and relearn my grammar as well as find out new vocabularies by using the dictionary and keep them in my mind. Now, I have 5 posts of blog  including this, I can say these are not much enough if comparing with others, and those are far from perfect, I realize that my grammar is poor and limited vocabularies. My points are “never give up and keep running to achieve your goals because the extra effort will not betray the results”. So, here I am, a learner who really enjoy exploring this site especially in blogging part.

Actually, a lots of sections in myEC can be digged for a learners such us videos of learning, quizzes, games and many more. Thus, please for new members who reading this post accidentally (hopefully..), explore and discover an interesting things for your English improving, you have found already the right place for that. Start from now and never surrender till the end (seriously expression :)).

  • What is the relevance of learning English in your life, in your society and in your environment?

Just want to you know (a readers), I hated English since I was in college. I intended to avoid the English things in many ways for example, I preferred to read a references that I needed for my tasks and thesis in my native language (Bahasa Indonesia). Yes, that I was, but the condition have changed for around 2 years ago, my new company have encouraged me to improve my English skill indirectly. I am an Engineer, so I just thought at that time I didn’t need this skill deeply, because I only did analyses, making sketches of designs, and then reporting in Bahasa, that’s all. But in fact, English can support my career for the future well.

So, I am here again, the strong reason why I am here, not only I can improve my English skill but I have new friends from all the world and mostly from them have the same aim with me (based on my quickly observation some of them have profession as English teacher or fluently in English, so how lucky I am….:)). Absolutely, all of them have the different cultures, religions, languages etc. The important thing that I have to put in my mind is respecting to them within those diversities. We (all of us) need to do that because MyEC is created to build the encourage circumstances for a learners feeling comfort and convenient in order to achieving their goals in English improvement.     


Note: Please don’t hesitate to correct my writing if any mistakes,

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  • Hi Nechel,

    Nice comment, thanks you read my post :).

    Please feel confident firstly, don't afraid to make mistakes related to English learning process. I said like that refer to the experiences from senior bloggers here whom have shared it here, and you can see from the previously comments below this post. I am not perfect as well as a bloger, if I can say I know my weaknesses and trying hard to learn it. So, you are not alone in this process. If I may suggest, try to write a blog, it means that you are learning by doing. Keep the spirit, waiting for your blog :)

    Have a  good day Nachel.  

  • Hello Icha,
    This blog of yours will be one of my inspirations in exploring MyEC. I had joined the group for about 3 months.I don't have blogs yet but I follow other member's blogs seriously.I wanted to share my views but i hesitate to write it and I think I made it this time in your blog.I was hoping that my perseverance and determination in learning will continue like yours.I have cat on my tongue whenever I want express myself thus writing maybe is of great help .
    Thank you for sharing and God bless
  • Hello Noas,

    I think not only we both, but some of our friends here started their joy by chatting sections hihihi…

    May be you were better than me, I didn’t know or didn’t awared about the kind of sections that myEC offered at that time :))). I had never surfed of it and only chat section that I concerned about…ooohh gosh :D. I feel regret because of that. If I digged this site with all of the fuatures that were offered, my level of English could raise :D and could be better than now.

    I absolutely agree with you, our grammar automatically can improve and develop by commenting or writing a blogs, the fact can’t be denied. As long as we “want and will learn” from others and mistakes that we have made.      

    We may not be perfect or as fluent as native English speakers/writers, but we can feel the improvement ourselves. “ I like this sentence, the important point is described clearly.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences by leaving the nice comment.

  • Hi Icha, like you, at first I was only participated in chat room. I don't read nor write blog or participated in discussion platform. However, like you too, when a friend asked me to comment on her blog, I found out that I started to love reading blogs and commenting on them. Slowly, I tried my hand in writing blogs too. Now it becomes my new favourite thing to do.

    I believed by writing blogs, consciously or sub-consciously we will start to observe our grammar usage. Then we will start to use new found words in our writings. We may not be perfect or as fluent as native English speakers/writers, but we can feel the improvement ourselves.

    Good luck in your journey.

  • Hello Elen,

    Thank you so much for your compliment, I very appreciate it. I know so many mistakes that I made :D. I need to keep the spirit to learn and learn in English. Yes, through this the blog world I can love English more than before, I think. The comments from nice friends like you and other make my enthusiasm increasing. have a nice day :)

    Hello Seeker,

    I just wanted to share about my feeling, my experinces, my thought in this blog, I hope someone who read this blog could be inspired by me :D especially for new members, the same as with me that was inspired and encouraged by the best bloggers here.

    Thanks for leaving the encouragement comment in my blog :)  

  • Hello Icha, your blog is very well written, i am impressed! Me too, like you, didn't like English, but EC made me love it! I wish you good luck in your trying to improve it and i hope to read more blogs like this from you :)

  • Hi Eva, thanks for the congratulation to me, so appreciate that :)

    I need more to absorb the new words and learning my grammar :D, that's my weakness in English. I got the good suggestions from the kindly friends here that more expert as blogger, and I am trying to implement those. Thanks for your support and dropping your nice comment here..

  • Hi Ann,

    Thanks for nice comment in my blog. Have a nice day :)

  • Hi Expector Smith, 

    Thanks for dropping comment here in my blog. Yes, I am a Junior Blogger :D, need your suggestion and other to my improving certainly. 

    I agree with you, English is the international language. I think, where I am here now is the evidence that I realize that English can be learned win funniest way as our desired.

  • Hi Lady Anne, My lovely Teacher..

    I know maybe the nice words is not enough to say thank you to you for your kindness, you have spent your precious time to us (a learners) sincerely for our English improving. Present, I rarely found the people like you, May God always blessing you. Thank you, thank you so much :)

    I have revised my sentences as your suggestion. I realize, sometimes I looked like not consistent with my mistakes (sometime was correct and sometime was not :D, so I have to learn hardly and keep those in my mind).

    Have a lovely days my Teacher :)


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