Writing Challenge #11: A Day in the Life

washing machineCalling all writers! I think we're ready for some creative writing fun again. This month, let's use our imaginations to write a page out of someone (or something) else's diary. We're going to describe a day in the life of people, animals, or even inanimate objects. What is a typical day like for an ant, or a school bus, or a sky diving instructor? Flip open to a page of their diary. What would it say?

Your task:
Choose something from the list below and describe a day in the life of this person, animal or object. Write about your day in first person (I) using the comment section below.1. newborn baby2. fish in an aquarium3. book on a library shelf4. ant5. person lost at sea6. president of a country7. basketball8. butterfly9. tree on the beach10.spider web11. refrigerator12. peacock13. snail14. washing machine15. doormat16. pillow17. golf ball18. scissors19. pen20. window cleanerMy example: A Day in the Life of a Washing MachineI don't know how I got stuck with this family of ten. All I want is one day of rest. Is that too much to ask? My dream is to be left alone for a single day. Even when they don't turn me on, they leave a smelly sock or a dirty cloth inside me. Some days I do five loads back to back. Don't they know it's tiring being on spin cycle that much? It is nice to be needed, but a little appreciation wouldn't hurt. Do you ever hear anyone say, "I love my washing machine"? Maybe in those other houses with the fancy new front loading washers, but not in this house. Not with an old model like me. I do a good job. I only break down if they load me too full. I rarely leak. Would it hurt them to say thank you? A new brand of detergent would be a nice touch. Maybe something ecofriendly or non-scented. At least they didn't use bleach today. Today was a dark load day. Tomorrow is for whites.Note: If you want to add to the list, leave your suggestion in the comments. Or, feel free to come up with your own person, animal or object.How was your day?Image: JasonRogersFooDogGiraffeBee
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  • Hi Tara, I want to give my participation in this post. I want to improve my English skill in all area. If I made trouble in grammar, I say sorry and tell it to me, So I can learn from it. Thank you..

    A day in the life of a book on a library shelf

    My name is Classical Mechanics. I am one of the lucky books had been ever made. I am full of universe theory. I was contained with Newton’s law, Lagrange’ equation, Hamiltonian, Jacobian, Euler’s Theorem, Lorentz transformation and others Theories. God allowed the people to know the universe and wrote it in mathematics equation and called Physics. Although my contains is not complete yet for describing the universe system, so many people learned from me from time to time. Sometimes I feel so tired when someone flipping my pages for hours without a break. And other people wrote me with their pencil and pen. They made me seedy and dirty. There are so many kind of people I have met. I want to tell you what their feature. Some of them are bald , another is fat. Only a few people look nice. But, one thing that hate is their smells. Their smell is very bad. I smelt different smell day by day, and It makes me queasy.
    Many people became Bachelor, Master, Doctoral and Professor because of me. They have been success. That’s really my pleasure. Although my name is “Classical”, I have brought people to know the Modern Physics. I will always the bridge for the modern and new technology. I am happy to help another people who did not know me yet…


  • What a cute letter from a pillow!
  • Very nice challenge. I will try to write one in the coming weekend ! I hope I will not be busy as usual ! :S
  • Zahra, I love your stories so much. Please keep them coming! I'm sure you have inspired many others to try writing. Thank you for helping me prove to other learners that writing can be fun!
  • Hi my dear Teacher and friend ,Tara...
    you know ,i love this writing challenge .so here is my new story A day in the life of a trash can.
    it will be my pleasure if you take a look at it .
    have a lovely time:)
  • Hi dear Tara, I wrote this blog.
    Would you please take a look at it and give your opinion?
  • Muzafar: Dangerous story! I hope everyone will click on the links you've included to learn some new English expressions. I can see that you enjoy writing. Great stuff!
  • Frank: I think this is my computer talking to me! (especially the simple arithmetic part!) I'm so happy to see you here on the Writing Challenge. I've been hoping more English teachers and native speakers would join! #12 is coming soon. Will keep you posted. :)
  • A Day In The Life of a Computer

    It seems my owner never turns me off! I have been on for days now. He broadcasts radio shows, is constantly reading emails. He chats all day, and now he is involved in something called the English Club -- and he already speaks English!

    He uses me for everything, so I never rest: Looking up phone numbers, finding places on a map, even simple arithmetic.

    He gets all his news from me, all his music, and all his pictures. Sometimes, he just fiddles around with his collection of favorite websites, called "Bookmarks". He has over 15, 000 of them - nearly 50 in language alone! Why would a man want to know so much?

    I must admit that it is more interesting than just typing.

    And I am certain he likes me, because he takes such good care of me.
  • Great stories, Zahra, Shaymol, Teleyou! The fish stories are really interesting to me because my daughter had her first pet last year and I used to watch the poor goldfish hitting itself against the glass! Poor Fin!

    Teleyou: Can you correct this phrase? "Most of people interesting in fish-tank..."
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