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  • I am not a follower of world cups since I am not really into sports.  Not even a slight of interest can be seen in me when it comes to sports.  I know that world cups use MASCOTS but I like to ask if this was the mascot used during the FIFA Word Cup.  Or did you draw it yourself? (since EC is looking for its own mascot.)

    Kindly update me!  Thanks Carpe!  You are a very prolific writer.  Keep it up!

  • Hi trinhhuong! Thank you for leaving a comment . This is one my of blog posts about the FIFA World Cup >

  • Nice pic. Do we have a topic abut world cup. I love Football and I want to talk with u abt it. :)

  • it's great ,,

  • Wooooow very good and creative, i want one for me, someone send to me!! I want to fell myself welcome! Kkkkkk
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