What kind of person am I?

I'm the kind of person who gets bored very soon!
I'm the kind of person who wants lots of diversity in her life!
So, what should I do for my desire?
I'm exactly the kind of person who wants to change everything from time to time!
Not just from time to time, but I can say most of the times!!!
And it's really hard! Because it needs lots of things...
Such as enough time, enough money, a flexible personality...
And of course it needs flexible personalities for the people who live with you and are around you...
Hardly ever do all of these conditions come together...!!!!
And it makes the situation worse!
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  • Thanks a lot Onee! I think you're right!

    Best wishes ^_^

  • Hi Niloo,,

    You can make your personality to be the style of yours. It's just a style, no problem. When you feel it's difficult, use your personality to face them confidently. Keep going on patiently and be proud of yourself. Person who easily gets bored usually has new things or new ideas.

    Have a great day, Niloo! :)

  • Thank you all for sharing your ideas....

    Yes, I see and I've recently got to this point that I  should live my own life with my own opinions, my own desires, and my own wishes and goals for my life...

    No matter what others think about me and the way I'm living...

    Thanks again everybody.... best wishes...

  • Keep your confidence in yourself, do what you see is true, don't care about the others' opinion, you can't satisfy all people at the same time.
    If you can change the wrong things around you don't hesitate, if you can't change, do what you see that is true and do not share in the error.

  • What exactly do you mean of getting bored. You mean even when you start doing something you like, you would get bored soon?
    Humans don't like monotonous they always look for variety and new things.
  • Halet chetore Niloo? Framosh kerdem. I hope to be one of your friends Niloo.

  • Khaili khob Niloo. It's good to change from time to time my dear friend. I mean for the best. 

  • So, what should I do for my eagerness?

    I go with Maria's comment. She is right.

  • what's the problem of following your desires? Don't pay attention to the people. you can't please everyone.
    Just change the things you don't like around you.
    Be yourself. Just it :)
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