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Hello Guys,

How are you all? The days are short during the whole year from my point of view but when it comes to this holy month "Ramadan", the duration of the days are perceived or sensed very long owing to the headache, hunger or the lack of concentration on something. To this aim, it is really being to difficult for me to read the books I intend to read during this month. 

Anyway, do you love reading? Do you have a target for whole year within the scope of reading or do you count how many pages you read per month?Do you always think that the quality is over the quantity or do you believe that reading many books are also making you feel more contented and satisfied? I know  that I asked so many questions but it is'nt the reason of existence on such a platform to share some opinions? 

To cut this long story short, I would like to tell you that I decided to read 120 books at the beginning of the year and therefore, I passionaltely and gladly read fiction and non-fiction books each month. I have read 62 books up to know and as it is seen, there is still a long path to walk and a month of Sundays to read, though the half of year is almost slipped away. The May is nearly gone,it is just making its preparations to extend its farewells to its readers:) When we started to fast, it seemed to me that it would be too difficult to read books but apperantly , when you once gain/get the acquisition of reading , it is almost impossible not to read.  In this regard, I just would like to show you what I read during the May and I will be glad if you let me and other readers know what you read so far. I have read ten books since the onset of the month and they are as follow;

1)The Religion Of Capital: A Satirical Expose of the Capital's Claims to Sanctity by Paul Lafargue.; The book i read included some other articles written by the author but the best part of the book was this section andto my observation, you can find this article as a book if you take a loon on the internet or in some bookstores. you can read some parts from the link attached :

2) How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky, Daniel Ziblatt: İf you love academic articles, I believe that you'll love this book. The book is mostly giving examples from the US but thhere are some examples from the latin america countries and the Europe.Along with the popularization of the populism and populist leaders, the book states that the countries are going to be more autocratical. The thing i didnt love about this book is that the book could have focused of the notions in a more detailed way for the illiterate but curios readers like me.

3)The Miner by Natsume Soseki: the author is a Japanese novelist. He is best known for his novels Kokoro, Botchan, I Am a Cat and his unfinished work Light and Darkness but I have just read Kokoro . The miner is a novel and it is a book about a kid run away from his house and found himself in a mining location. It is an interesting book and can let you see how the miners live and what they did. 

4) The out by Pierre Rey: this book is quite old one and was publised in 1978. The book is too easygoing. it is like you are watching an action movie and it is about the sicilian mafia. To speak bluntly, I didnt like it, though it was higly recommended by a friend.

5)Populism: A Very Short Introduction byCas Mudde and Cristobal Rovira Kaltwasser: the book can be best book written for the populism ,because the author lets you know everything as to the notion of populism, its past and today's history around the world and its relationships with other things. I really enjoyed reading it and it is worth of reading If you are into this genre of books.

6) Populishm left and right by Eric Fassin:  Can populism be attributed to the people, or rather the working class? Does the political mobilization of a frustrated and underemployed population bear tidings of increasing xenophobic resentment, or demands for socialist equality? The book give some opinions but it is a short book . It was nice but it still didn't make me satisfied.

7)On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century by Timothy D. Snyder: To me, this is the easiest book written for this genre , because it is quite understandable and the author tries to shed the lights with 21 lessons as to the totalitarianism of the twentieth century.. you ll enjoy it

8)To Have or to Be by Erich From: it is a 1976 book by psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, in which he differentiates between having and being. I am still reading it but i have to say that it is not an easy-going book. You need time to comprehend what is written here.

There are 2 more books I have read but there is no translation in english , so i ll skip them


Enjoy your reading...


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  • Dear SNR

    Thank you for dropping by, and read the post. Let's be frank I did nothing.as a person in love with reading, it could be shame if I read less than this number but you are right ,quality is over quantity . yet quantity is something an urge helping us motivate and read more . And With regard to  your remarks on my writing skills,i did nothing except reading some English books. 


  • Dear RebA 

    First of all, thank you for dropping by and reading the post.Secondly , I am. A married and I have a son and in fact, I also spare the time with my family:)Along with this information , I am also addicted to working out .I believe that you can understand it by taking a glimpse on my display picture. I am fond of streetworkout and calisthenics and it is even an occupation taking much time than the reading if you compare it .Secondly I am working but when it comes to reading,no matter where I am,i am opening my book and leafing through the pages. It is something turned into an obsession and addiction for me.

    For your other questions, each reader unfortunately doesn't have the knack of writing. Writing means the creativity and imagination and I don't have these characteristics. Apparently I will keep going to be a reader for the time being.Moreover, i spare the time to my family and other things.the important thing is to be passionate. Giving an illustrated example,I didn't go the gym during the Ramadan , but I went out at 10p.m to work out each day of this month.The point whether you are ready to do it

    MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English
  • Hey Batu, 

    Bravo and congrats for having completed reading 62 books/novels. I see a drastic improvement  in your writing except some typos. :D Felt I read something good after long pause in EC. :) 

    To me quality wins over quantity when it comes to reading books. Due to this reason I have read just one fiction novel so far n many novels I started reading but couldn't complete them. One of them was a bit difficult for me to comprehend :( 

    I would also like to add it also depends on the reader's level of English. If reader is a beginner can't hop directly to the books having a bit difficult language. 

    For now I have to read a lot and  increase knowledge of my field.

    I would like to read The miner and to have or to be by in  my free time. Sounds intriguing. :)

    Keep it up, I hope u will achieve your goal of reading 120 books. 

    Thanks for sharing this blog. :)

  • mohamed fasloon.

    No matter what you read or which language you read, the important thing is to read regularly . it will somehow extend your horizons and help you improve yourself.

    I don't always read books in English. It is 2 3 books in English. Other ones are in Turkish 

    mohamed fasloon
    MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English
  • very nise i like to read the book but i don't have time . i must  start reading i can improv my english 

  • @bet I hope you soon start to read something. The best way of relieving is to read the books:)the gate of new worlds:)

  • Wao.....great! But sorry to say nowadays I do not read books but I get inspiration from you ...and i hope i must start reading again soon....

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