Hello dear friends

   Last night once I incredibly realized that the ♪♪Blessing♪♪'s account has been deleted from EC. Actually she was an active member of EC and had many blogs. Now it is not clear that she has deleted her account herself or the EC moderator has deleted her and why !?

   Her last blog was about 'Perverts' and I saw her last comment on her blog yesterday in which she had replied the four last unanswered comments and thanked those four commenters (including me) after a few days not being online on EC. 

   This event (to be suddenly removed from EC) is very strange for me. Does anyone know the reason !?


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  • Thank you Noona, May God bless you too. :)

  •    Dear Josef, I would like to thank you for clarifying that ambiguous status and answering the question. As you know and I said, she was an active member (in the both chatting and blogging parts) and there wasn't any disappointing point in her blogs and comments. That's why it was very strange to me. Hope she will come back soon.

       I would also like to thank all members who stopped by, read, commented, and liked this blog. May God bless you all dear friends. 

    Have fun

  • Too bad, I hope she will be back sooner or later.

  • ♪♪Blessing♪♪ closed her account on 15 March and appears to have deleted her content.

  • Dear Mohammad, 

    Thanks for sharing your blog. I found something amusing here. More than the jokes I've ever made. Lol... 

    I hope Blessing would be back soon,  or at least she's doing well. 

  • Whoops, What has happened here !!?

       This blog is written to find out the reason(s) of Blessing deletion from EC (either by herself or any other one) and not else. 
       ETJ, are you really a Muslim !!? ,,, what a injudicious comment you have left here. Suppose Blessing comes and reads your comments instead of those which written to encourage her to come back, what she will think ? ,,, If we are Muslims, we must not destroy the name of Islam with our silly works. If you have problem with something, why did you drag your problems and fighting to this blog ?

       Actually I'm not going to start a verbal fighting with you here and any other where. But just know that your action is too bad from Islamic point of view. I really cannot understand how did you realize that, a person (whom you chat with) is: 1- female ,,, 2- widow ,,, 3- her husband is alive yet, via this damn virtual world  !!!!???? ,,, Perhaps you have insight eyes which we don't have !!

       See, accusing is so easy, however proving is too hard !? ,,, But you easily said some ID-names and accused them. You yourself also must have had several IDs as you have been able to find out which you claimed. Even if you can prove a bad action of someone, you don't have the right to make it public and destroy someone's reputation. Other's statues and the way they chat is non of our business.

       I don't know the owner of IDs which you said but I am completely familiar with Lady Noor's writing style, and I'm sure that her writing style is different with Kiazen's. So see, one of your claims became false, thus the rest can also be ! 

       Anyway, I cannot remove ETJ's comments now because of some reasons and I will do it later.
    Dear Kaizen, I don't know you, but don't worry, no one thinks badly about you, keep your learning and just ignore the ones who bother you.

  • Kaizen, I totally agree with you. You are a very kind person. I'm a person who was annoyed by ETJ. Now I find you, another one. Not like you, I deleted him from my friend list to avoid receiving his bad mails. He still comment on my page, blogs and my posts. I send Mr Josef a mail to ask for helping but he hasn't replied me yet.
    Now i'm with you, I hope the founder will delete him. And also hope the founder will help us to create an Ignore button if it is possible.
    Kaizen, why don't you write a blog to tell everyone this situation. You have to fight for you and for other girls! And do not send your phone number to the person who you don't know clearly. Luckily I read the foundation's warming before being a member here and don't give stranger my phone.
    Kaizen, be strong! Don't be afraid. You must stronger than his is. He does not deserve your care. Just ignore him like me. We don't need to reply such people like him. He should learn how to live to make people respect him. He need to learn to live a useful life by making people feel better not worst. I hope he will be a better person or at least better than now.
    Thank you Mohammad so much to post this blog!
    P/S: JP_TP is ETP's old nickname here.
  • ETJ 3- 4 years back we were in another forum (Not this one you mentioned).  On my request Lady Noor joined EC.  

  • ETJ about Lady Noor, I am hundred percent sure, because I know her even before EC, from another forum.  So please watch out while speaking.

  • ETJ you are bluffing.  I personally know Lady Noor.  She a very respectable person and does not need to make any fake ID.  So please be careful while remarking.

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