What do you think of love songs to improve your English knowledge?

Hello everyone, I sometimes listen to youtube the most beautiful love songs to improve my general knowledge of English. For example, I listent when I am able to do it, I was born to love you, Somebody to love, Love of my life and then I feel myself more cheerful with other people and I think only in a positive way.

But if you are people who love to listen to English songs, what are your songs in which the singer (band or he/she) speaks of love for our health, for the Earth and so on? There're some songs that you like to the infinitive time?

If you want to reply me, please respect the object line thank you. See you soon.



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  • Grazie Favola! Listening to music helps a lot to understand and learn many things. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello  thanks  give us the oportunity improve to learn  to level of the english, I hope can enjoy  and to learn with you. Again  thanks.
  • This song is for you


  • Hi Favola,

    I thought this was a story. ^^

    So true, it helps us to have more vocabulary. Now I don't really listen to music. But I do remember, I listened Celine Dion, and Roxette., oldies. ^^ I listen many English love songs, but at the moment I remember "You are" by Dolly Parton, "I want to spent my life time loving you" by Tina Arena.

  • Hello

    I this site a good group to learn english by hearing your favorite song , you can put the translation word by using english language. In addition to your mother language and your love songs , you can achive good dgree of learning byusing transilation it from your own languge to english.

    I it is sing a song group.

    There are thousands of english love songs modern and classic

    The most lovely song for me is love story.

  • Hello, Favola20. Thank you for sharing a nice topic. I don't listen to English songs to improve my English but like them. Of course, it must be helpful to improve our English.

    Elvis's love songs are simple and easy to understand such as "Can't help falling in love", "Love me tender". I want to add this song "These are the days of our lives" to your list of great Queen's love songs. "Stop loving you" by Toto, "More than words" by Extreme, "With or without you" and "Love is blindness" by U2 are also good love songs that I like.

  • I do listen to English songs as away to improve my language  . But I can't  give you a particular  name because  I listen to everyone and any things  . However , I like Sia   , Katy berry  , Mouran 5 and many other  singer  . The words and the music are the things which draw my attention to any kind of song 

  • Anything is worth reading and listening if it is for learning the language. Read whatever you like listen to any narration or songs. All are up to your choice to make your learning comfortable. 

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