Thorns of Happiness


Gardeners and plant enthusiasts get into phases when it comes to choosing a group of plants. Some would like to have a group of begonias or dahlias. Some are fond of growing edible fruit and vegetables even herbs while others collect and propagate ornamental plants to accentuate beauty to their gardens and homes. A lot of people combine different types of group to have varieties of textures and colors. Other than that, it’s rewarding to consume produce right from your own backyard, isn’t it?

These days though, more and more plant nerds and collectors are into cacti and succulents. They choose them primarily because of limited spaces at home (like what I have) and let’s face it, they are incredibly brighten up our moods. Moreover, they are the most photographed living things on social media. I must confess I’m in love with them now. I used to dislike them and opt not to purchase one whenever I visit a garden center or shop even though I found them so cute and astonishing.  But their thorns discouraged me to hold one while checking out new plants.

Then one fine weekend, I was looking for a specific variety of plant in the market when I accidentally touched a tiny cactus. I didn’t notice its thorns until the seller told me. What! I was stung! My thumb numb for hours and I felt discomfort due to sudden pain until I got home. And later I realized it wasn’t bad at all, I’m still alive! Hooray! The numb sensation it left on me carved like a tattoo and it made me crave for more he he…

I was badly bruised before while gardening and almost injured myself for harvesting a cluster of bananas and other fruit, I don’t think the cactuses’ spines would kill me now. So I decided to finally have one, or two in my garden. I purchased the one above as my first ever cactus plant. I hope it would be the first of many. I will consider them as my thorns of happiness because even though they are spiny, they would bring positive energy to the people who truly care and nurture them.

Furthermore, just like in real life we face the thorns (problems and setbacks) that sting our hearts and minds. But despite the uneasiness we find solutions and strive for happiness and positivity to remain sane. We can never define happiness without experiencing heartaches, right? So if ever you accidentally sting by a cactus, look for a brighter side. ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’…

I confess, I would love to have a collection of cacti and succulents for my itsy bitsy garden. I would like to see diversity of plants in a place that I call my refuge. I learned they have therapeutic powers just like the flowering plants. Gazing at my ornamentals relieved me from the stress brought by toxic people and pollution. Of course, if we decide a new plant member in the family, we should at least shower it with TLC, starting by making some research about its growth habits and climate requirements.

How about you? Are you fond of collecting cacti and succulents? Kindly share your plant confessions below… Thank you and happy gardening!

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  • Hello, Onee!

    How have you been? Gardening is always a 'trial and error' experience. I'm also sometimes feel perplexed whenever a plant shows signs of poor growth. In terms of cacti and succulents, I'm still keep on learning since each of them has different care techniques. What I love about cacti is that you don't have to water them every single day and don't require much fertilizers. In other words, they aren't high maintenance...

    Thank you so much for commenting! I hope your cacti will be prolific and produce plenty of blooms!

    Have an enjoyable weekend ahead!


  • Hello, SNR!

    Thank you very much for the compliment! It is really music to my ears! I think it is in a person's initiative and passion to find ways of taking care any plant. Nowadays, container gardening is quite popular especially to people who do not have a large garden to manage. If I have a garden as big as park, I don't think I would be able to sleep...because of excitement and workloads! I will aim to be self-sufficient then...

    I hope your plants will survive for a long time and keep giving you blooms to enjoy. Jasmine plants are very interesting to care because they produce fragrant white blooms.

    Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead!


  • Hi, Mishaikh!

    What a gorgeous sunflower you have there! I love it! Mine has just started formimg a bud. Hopefully, it will become a perfect bloom in the coming weeks. The other sunflower plants didn't make it because of the moonsoon rains, though. I started sowing some again...and look for a brighter side of course... :)

    Thank you for your comment and photo! Have a blessed weekend!


  • Hi Robbie,

    I ever bought cacti i a pot, but then it was just two months. It's not easy for me to take care of them. :))

    I hope you can have it longer. I'm sure you will.

    Thank you for sharing your story to us.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Hi Robbie

    I must admit, u always come with different and interesting topic containing vocabulary in your writing.

    Great piece of writing again. I do not have a large space due to which I cannot make a good garden. Definitely I would like to have my own big garden if I got that much land....LOL

    Now I have only one rose , Arabian Jasmine ( mogra), aloe vera and neem plant in pots :D

  • 3327590254?profile=RESIZE_930x

    From our small garden - the large sunflower.

  • Hey, Glosky!

    That's good news! I'm so glad that you're inspired to have a mini garden in your room. There are some succulents that strive indoors as long as you have bright light and air circulation. The most common one is the classic aloe vera. I think every garden in the Philippines has one. It's such a great houseplant because it emits oxygen at night and it has so many varieties and colors. I only have the common variety in my garden but I would love to have the rare and tiny ones. 

    I will try to make updates about this cacti and if ever I have new varieties. I wish you success in your gardening projects. Thank you very much for the positive feedback of my blog! I highly appreciate it!

    Have a lovely week! :)


  • Hello, Rosemary!

    I'm pleased to see your comment and how it encouraged you to start your own garden. I assure you, you won't regret it. Cacti are undeniably cute. They have many forms and sometimes, its weird shapes attract the plant enthusiasts. I hope you will have success in your garden.

    Goodluck and thank you so much for the comment!


  • Hi robbie! I was thinking of buying a succulent plant for my room. You inspired me to convert one part of my room as a mini-garden..hehehe..why not, right? Keep on posting about your cactus, i was also curious how this plant grows and nurtured. Thanks robbie!

  •   Your blog have encouraged  me to start a garden of my own  :) I have enjoyed reading it alot especially  , that part about catcus  

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