It is generally said that there are more miseries in human life than the moments of happiness. So as the same is with me. I also have sad moments in my life: 

I am born sick. I have so many health problems, but thanks Allah I am alive and active.

I could not get the higher education I wanted. I wanted to do master’s in engineering, but unsurpassable hurdles could not allow me to go ahead. Then I groomed myself in other fields, not very impressive, but okay. 

Because of sickness and economic constraints I lag behind six years in my educational career.

Seeing my father struggling hard, but failing to get on strong footing. 

Seeing hunger in my home, and could not have proper food. 

Seeing my mother suffer from the highhandedness of other family members, (aunts and uncles). 

Seeing my mother die and feel that I could not do anything to make her comfort in her life.

It was saddest day when my father died. 

It was the saddest day when my mother died.

The sad moments I mentioned above are a few which I remember, there are even more. BUT all those moments have now gone. There may be others. But if you have firm believe and faith these sad moments do not affect your life instead they give us renewed energy to move on. It is good to look and remember the good moments whenever we remember the sad moments and thank Allah that they didn’t destroy your Faith in Allah and His Will.

O Hawk do not be afraid of the strong wind.

It moves fast to help you fly higher and higher

The topic taken from ann's writing prompt

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  • I am happy to know you and proud being one of your friend,Mishaikh :)
    God ( Allah S.W.T) know the best ... what best for us and never give test to us that out of our ability.
    My English not good , but I am trying my best .I will glad if there is any correction.

  • Thanks a lot Setareh and Icha for the best wishes and concern.

  • Ooh Misha..

    After I read your life story I feel sad and make me more be grateful with what I had and have already. I am sure that Everyone has a problems in their life. One of the verses from Qur'an may be strengthen us when were in lower point is “Allah will not give us a burden beyond our ability”. I have to confess that is not simple or easy to do but with faith and trust to Allah that He will give us the best choices in His viewpoints not from human views.

    May Allah give you a blessing all your life in the world and hereafter. Aamiin :)

    Thanks you already share your life experiences. It is valuable for some people including me, because they can get positive things from those. And may I told you referring to your writings based on your stories or yourself is, you are not introvert person, but you are extrovert person. In my opinion not everyone can do this that share their life stories with other.  

  • Dear Mishaikh,may your parents souls rest in peace. I hope your kids have you for long long time. I envy your faith; you have been strong. I wish all the happiness and health for you.
  • Thanks Mohammad and Onee for your best wishes.

  • Best wishes to you, Sir Mishaikh, for going through it all.

  • So well written dear Mishaikh.

       In this world the mankind is generally in incommodity. I think we always in sad and hard moments must trust in God and look at the the full part of the glass. But it is just a claim and must be proved in practice. perhaps you have heard this story that once someone stole the poor person's shoes. The person when understood this matter, started to cry. Once he saw someone else with one foot, was walking in front of him. Then he thought with himself that thanks God, at least I have my two feet and gave up crying. 

    May Allah put your parents' soul in peace and bless them

  • Thanks Eva for the dua and good wishes.

    It really encourages me to live ahead.  I do have good moments and memories.  Alhamdolillah.

  • There is a proverb:”What doesn t kill you make you stronger!”I just hope that God won t allow to happen to us as many bad things as we could endure.

    Mishaikh,I wish you a peaceful and happy life !

  • Thanks halima and saba for the nice comments and dua.

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