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  • Terima kasih banyak, Kamarul! Thanks for pressing the like button.

  • Namaskar Hem Raj Adhikari, thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • NO, absolutely no. In fact, you can only judge a book after having read it from the A to the Z and once you have finished to read it, you will be able to judge it. 

    So with people it's the same: you can judge people only after some months of mutual knowledge and only at this point you are able to say yes or no to him/her or them (males or females or both the genders they are).

    Too much people judge a book from its cover but they are in a very wrong path. Are you of my same opinnion or not? 

    Please let me know it, thank you.



    • Sono da'ccordo con te, Rita Daniela Balisterie! That was exactly right my dear respected lady. I definitely agree with you. Some people look at the clothes of a person. If they are elegant and fashionable, this guy is a guy from Marc. Well, things cannot go that way. You just cannot judge a person like that as you mentioned in your marvelous comment. Thanks. my lady, for your straight forward views. 

    • molte molte grazie Rita Daniela Balisterrie. I really appreciate your reading and commenting. It is late now. I am going to sleep . Tomorrow, I give my reply to your nice comment.  Thanks, Rita.

  • Of course no , at first people seems to be wonderful from outside and seems that they have a very happy life but when you gonna know them you realise that no body is perfect everybody has good and bad side and at the same time nobody is free from problems so be kind and don't judge people

    • Hatha ma gastuhu  bithabt ya Olivia. That was exactly  what  was going inside my mind.  Do not judge people from their outside looks.  Did you  remember that saying? 'Appearances can be deceiving ' I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks. 

  • no we cant  =)

    • Fizzy, terima kasih banyak! Thanks for your answer. 

  • In normal circumstances you can not "just see and understand what the personality the person has".  After some experience in the form of some kind of relationship you will be able to understand the type.  

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