Tara's Challenge: Acrostic Poem...

My English Club


Main thing here is English

You got here all you need

Easy ways to learn while

Numbers of benefit you can earn

Giving, sharing,and believing to one another's ability

Like a true family who cares for you so dearly.....

Is English fluency your main goal?

Sure this is the right place to hone, but also keep in mind that you can regard it as your

Home... home for different cultures but treat each other Brothers and Sisters,

Connecting thoughts, feelings, and wisdom

Like a bird who found freedom......

Uniting the West and East! Yeah, this site is really the 

Best....Best in everything there is! So...

Challenge yourself everyday to gain

One or maybe two new things worth acquiring 'cos

Maybe tomorrow as you rise, your goals have just already realized...

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  • I've read also your acrostic...It's good and unique...

    Thanks for the comment.
  • Nice acrostic!
  • Dear Expector,

    My words can never tell how much
    You make me glad seeing your comments in my
    Every blog...Have I told you I'm your fan? The
    Need-help-I'm the man on this side of town!
    Gives inspiration to everyone to
    Love English while having fun..
    "Isn't easy?" you asked..
    Sure it is.. 'cos you lend us a
    Helping hand that somehow
    Can't just be paid by merely words I say but
    Let me paraphrase it once again
    Uttering words of appreciating the
    Beautiful heart of you that is so good and inspiring!

  • Many thanks for the acrostic
    You never know how I like it
    Every time I read one
    Nothing better than the feel
    Give it a shot
    Learn how to write one
    Isn't it easy and fun
    Sometimes you can tell
    How much I love it all
    Can you post one here
    Let me know if you do so
    Usually it's just a piece of cake
    Believe it or not
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