I could not sleep last night. Brazil was defeated? Not defeated but annihilated, stomped! I just could not find the suitable word to describe that shellacking in the world cup semifinal between Germany and Brazil in Brazil last night. I was watching the match on a live telecast at home in dazed, damped eyed disbelief. I came to office as usual but I could not start or concentrate on my work or anything else. I was not at the lectures at all. Many students began to wonder what it was. I was not able to give any straight answers. I told myself that it would be better for me to quit. It was obvious this could not go on. Knowing that I could not tell them about my state, I excused myself and left the lecture hall and went back to my office. Brazil was defeated? It's like someone you love has died. Seven goals to one, it is unbelievable.

 I felt an immense sadness inside me. I tried to console myself by saying, "the star Nemar is injured and the captain of the team, Thiago Silva was suspended from the match because he took two yellow cards."  I told myself that those two were the main keys for victory. But that was a dubious proposition from the logical standpoint. The team is made of eleven players. The reality quickly came to my mind that the Brazilians could not handle the Germans. I was thinking of writing a letter to the Football International Federation Association committee about making certain rules concerning the player who injures another player or causes him any disability in the future. The answer to this might take many meetings and it might be ignored. Many Brazilian students at this website told me that Brazil would not win this tournament.  Alameida said, "The players are not like the previous ones." I should have listened to him. I am from Sudan. I wonder what would have happened if I had been from that country? 

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  • yes it was a shock for me also ..i couldnt belive it...itz an unlucky day for brazil

  • Nice blog… as a Brazil football team supporter I know how it’s feel... really no word to describe, such a devastating match.  But I went to sleep after half-time

  • The German players are as their usual reliable well-oiled machine. :) I just love them. LOL

  • Thanks God you are not Brazilian (just kidding ).
    Yes , you are right it is a big shock .

  • Success failure is a routine revolves like Earth so its nothing worst u feeling here don't take games so personally enjoy them failure teach us hardwork
  • Well, Yesterday night I had a plan to visit my car mechanic for routine tuning. I got a call from my office and they asked me if i can come. I agreed and went to office. We started to work, the match was in my mind. I knew that it'll will start at 11 O'clock. Around 10 O' Clock, I asked my boss which team have chances to win.

    He said Brazil is a great team and even it's their home ground, no chances for Germany. My boss is an Egyptian.

    I said Germany has very strong team, if you compare them as a team. Germany has very strong side. Well I went back to work and didn't realized that match was already started. 

    I open a link through google and found 4-0, well I was very excited because I was supporting Germany. 

    When I told my boss, he stopped working and said whattt? 

    We watched the rest of match in his office, and even we had sahour at office :D

  • You too watched the match?

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