Summer song

Yes... another summer has come again and with this season also its inseparable catchy infectious song that you can't prevent hearing at work, when shopping, driving, while going for a drink, at the mall, in your son's ringtone, hearing your ex singing, from your neighbors' at midnight or waking up by your radio alarm clock in the mornings...This is what I'm talking about in my place: this is the subtitles in English version: have nothing against Latin music but somebody's getting me to hate it at this rate lol...Well now that I've introduced you to my new daily torture, you can share if you wish your summer song in your country.I'm just curious to know if this a local experiment or a worldwide phenomenon.Thanks in advance :)
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  • AHAHAa, OMG, Estanis :) Why do you feel so bad? To be honest i like that song...

  • Roman, did you know we've contributed to get the most views on history of YouTube for this song this week??

    OMG...!! I feel so bad now. Shame on me :(
  • Yes, Estanis, thank you for such detalized explanation) Now i got it! Yes, this is one kind of phenimenon)

  • Hey Anna...! I overlooked your comment and your nice voice... that's great! Thank youuu :)

    I like Rihanna too. I can imagine you singing it under the rain :D You have a great skill.
  • Haha... Saba

    Thank you for sharing your view my friend. You're always wellcome :)
  • Agreed. I don't like the song at all. 

    Hearing the hymn you hate is terrible.

  • Haha..Nomi, I think I've read something similar from you in any reply, but you still haven't told us the reason :D
    Well I don't go searching this song at all but it's unavoidable, it follows me everywhere, last time at my son's school end of year party :/
  • Here I am with the same old boring comment; I don't listen to the music :)
  • Hello Emma!

    Wow... thanks for your links. I don't know where you are but I like what sounds there. I love the video of your first one although it doesn't sounds here too much, love such kind of african videos!
    As for Lady Gaga I like her music (more or less) although I see her too artificial or superfluous. She's also in fashion here.
    I didn't heard of the last one but I've always liked rap. It reminds me of my old good times haha... well I still keep my cap :D
  • Dear Rose, you had a point there. Totally agree. Let's focus on music then :)
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