I want to share a joke I got this morning in my inbox from my cousin in Canada.

Midterm exam paper:

Q1..  In which battle did Napoleon die?

*  his last battle


Q2.. Where was the Declaration of Independence  signed?

*  at the bottom of the page


Q3.. River Ravi flows in which state?

*  liquid


Q4.. What is the main reason for divorce?

*  marriage


Q5.. What is the main reason for failure?

*  exams


Q6.. What can you never eat for breakfast?

*  Lunch & dinner


Q7.. What looks like half an apple?

*  The other half


Q8.. If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what  it will become?

*  Wet


Q9.. How can a man go eight days without sleeping ?

*  No problem, he sleeps at night.


Q10. How can you lift an elephant  with one hand?

*    You will never find an elephant that has one hand.


Q11.  If you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three  oranges in other hand, what would you have?

*  Very large hands


Q12. If it took eight men ten hours to build a  wall, how long would it take four men to build it?

*No  time at all, the wall is already built.


Q13. How can u drop a raw  egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

*Any way you want, concrete  floors are very hard to crack.


I  would have given him 100%!  Each answer is absolutely grammatically  correct, and funny too. The teacher had no sense of humor.


LOL…hope you guys liked it…..I almost burst from laughter!!! The last answer was great, it was a typically grammatical pun.


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  • :D it is really funny. :D

  • Very funny... Well done... 

  • good post Rys. I am sure students will like it.
  • Whoaaaahahaha, nice answer. Reasonable... :D :D *can't stop laughing..
    Thanks for sharing, rysperski. :)

  • A great answer of a cute student
    Teacher: Today, we're going to talk about the tenses. Now, if I say "I am beautiful," which tense is it? Student: Obviously it is the past tense.
  • To Estanis @ Rysperski, And in some cases is to get married would be easier way to lose wieght and to lose more than even
  • Wise man Rys, wise man :D
  • You reminded me of my pupils with this blog, Rys!  It's funnier experiencing it live than reading it in black and white.  Thanks for bringing back my wonderful memories with pupils like the one in your story.  Innocent answers are the funniest ones.

  • Oi Lovely Chatterboxes,

      Thanks a bunch for your trouble of coming, reading my posted blog and leaving ALL THOSE CUTE COMMENTS.....I feel really deeply honoured to have such fine visitors.

      Estanis - Hmmmm....I guess the most effective way would be to get divorced, no? LOL

  • I'm laughing the whole time I'm reading this...lolz!
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