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I'm totally new here. This is my first Blog after introduction. I'm lill weak in English and want to learn... My prority is Spoken English. Can any one help me to find out how to learn conversation in English

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  • Do not worry.  You will feel improve gradually. Just be consistant and patient.

    Good luck.

  •   If you indulge  yourself in the activities of the site  . I assure you that you will learn a lot and improve your skills at the same time  . Just move around and leave your finger prints  . Comment on blogs  , photos and videos   . Write your own view points in general discussion and do the same  , post your blogs , photos,  discussion and videos  . This is how this site work  . It is all about " autddidtism " our self learning  .

    However  , this isn't enough you have to have your own daily digest of reading English every day to learn new words and learn more about sentences structure  . You should go to any online source of articles and read their  . I advise  you with Qoura app or medium  . Their  you will find many wonderful writers,  who will enrich your learning experience  . I wish you the best you have came to the right place  . Let us see your first sketches soon 

  • Hi, Ahmed Smaak! Welcome to  MyEnglishClub".

    You said your priority is SPOKEN ENGLISH. Here's what you could do.  
    You need a partner to speak with in real time. Thus, you can share your Skype ID here at this group and also other groups that focus on ENGLISH SPEAKING SKILL. A club member who has the same interest will put a request to you. Accept his request and you two can start talking in English. I can't think of a better way than this. Good Luck!

    Perhaps, you can add me. This is my Skype Name live:gabrielsowrian .

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