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  • Oh, that's a very cool thing Eric!!   
    I'm also very interested about how to develop the speaking skills... I dream about a day in which I can give cool speeches as if I was in a TED conference :D

    Anyway, the best thing is never stop learning :)
    I always remember that Hemingway quote: “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

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  • "True that"! Most of us fat, lazy American's hardly speak our own language well enough to address a room full of people in a formal situation (So many people overuse "uhh" or "umm" at the beginning of a thought.). Hell, I recognized this fact in myself and decided to join a local chapter of this organization in order to improve upon my own ability.  The point being: Don't judge someone else's speaking ability until you've done everything possible to improve your own.

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  • Glad you liked setareh, thanks!

    Yeah Evangelina, you're right.

    Right Daniel, there's a saying in my country (I don't know if there's a similar idiom in english right now) it says something like: 'nobody is born getting knowledge'.

    Thank you Ehab Nassif

    Thank you all for your comments!

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  • That is right .thank you my friend
  • After all, all of us ( non-native speakers) one day also spoke English poorly. So, better thin twice before complaining about someone's else English.

  • What a beautiful saying. Thanks for sharing.
  • That's the good thing Elen, sense of humor is essential :)

    Glad you liked it Nimzaf

    beethoven, there are pretentious people in whatever 'field' :D  
    It's not about 'I prefer this over that' but I know what you mean. We can learn from everybody, no matter their english level. Actually, the people I've learnt most about english language are non native speakers.

    Alice E., I find very cute the Cookie Monster's English :D

    Yeah Fizzy, thanks for your comment :)

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  • Haha Mary, i enjoyed the video very much :) Well, i make fun of myself for my broken english :D At least i face it with humour :)

  • Very good quote I like it.
  • Oh, Mary the problem is that some members with good English feel that they are better than others with poor English. They make Englisg a measurement for ppl. I relly prefer a member with poor language than fuent member who thinks that" I am the best". What I believe is that as you learn't, others will learn, it is just about the time.
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