Dear EC friends,


As you all know that a super earthquake of record-breaking 8.9 magnitude on Richter Scale has hit off the Japan triggering a devastating tsunami that has caused many casualties and extensive damage in north-eastern Japan.


The quake sparked fire in many buildings in Tokyo killing many people.


And there have been powerful after-shocks. After-shocks may hit the area for several months because of the very high magnitude of quake on Richter scale.


So I appeal everybody to offer their condolences to Japanese people on such a great loss of many lives caused by a massive earth-quake and tsunami which is said to be the most powerful in last 140 years.


It has been said that this earth quake was bigger in magnitude on Richter Scale than the one which hit the Japan in 1923 and wiped away the capital city of Tokyo completely.


Latest news says that a ship carrying about 100 people has been swept away by tsunami. There is no news from people who were on ship. May God protect them.





Perhaps they are not

stars in the sky,

but rather openings

in heaven where the

love of our lost ones

pours through

and shines down

to let us know they are happy.


Thinking of you

In this time of loss!


Please accept our sincere condolences in this time of sorrow!

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  • Almost 13,000 people are dead or missing in Japan from the earthquake and tsunami, hundreds of thousands of people in Japan have lived through horrendous disasters and are now homeless. I've heard a lot of that "Amid disaster, Japan's societal mores remain strong", it is worthy of respect! We, people from other countries, are with you, Japanese people!
  • My condolences to people of Japan, You can't say with words what I'm feeling but it's make me very sad. God will be with them in this very difficult time and I'm praying for them.
  • Dear Akiyo,




    Wishing you HOPE in the midst of sorrow,

    COMFORT in the midst of pain!
  • Nida, Thank you for posting thoughful message. As you know, the earthquick was not just an earthquick. The earthquick gave Japan a lot of secondary troubles. It makes me really sad, but on the other hand, I was so surprised that plenty of people in the world gives us their prayer and warm messages. These will be delivered to the people still in the difficulties, and encourage them. Again, thank you very much, Nida and all people who gave us your condolences.
  • My condolences to people of Japan

    We are mourning...


  • instead of my family members , friends , workmates , and all Iranian i send our condolence to the people in Japan and to the family who they lose their dears in this disaster . God bless them .
  • I just heared that the tsunami is on its way to Korea, China, Russia and southeast Asia. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Take care!
  • I'm so sorry to hear that, which reminds me of China's deadly massive earthquake in 2008. And, I hear China's  disaster rescue team is preparing to go.  May all the Japanese members of MyEC be safe.  Good luck!
  • This is a beautiful and timely tribute to the people of Japan, Nida. Thank you for writing this. 

    Today I'm thinking of all of the wonderful Japanese people I have met over the years. I miss so many of my Japanese students and think of them often.

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