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The three most famous warlords in Japan

Four hundred years ago, the Imperial court of Japan didn't have much power and there were many warlords everywhere in Japan. They fought each other in order to keep their opponents under their control.

Oda Nobunaga beat most of his opponents and almost succeeded in keeping his all opponents under his control, but he was assassinated by his subordinate just before his final victory.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi was a distinguished subordinate of Oda, he fought against and beat Oda's subordinate who assassina

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Do you know of Doraemon? It is a famous Japanese manga and the main character's name. He is a futuristic robot that looks like a cat and came to Japan from the future in order to help an unreliable child named Nobita. He is always bullied by his classmates but doesn't fight against them, instead he asks Doraemon for help. Doraemon has a lot of futuristic machines. For example, the Takecopter is a futuristic machine that looks like a bamboo-copter and you can fly through the sky by putting it on

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