Plant The Potatoes

Suddenly, I have an idea to planted potatoes. Why should potatoes? Not apple? Or flower? I was choose potatoes because it’s contained from carbohydrate, so it can substituted rice, wich is our staple food. Then I looked for information about how to plant potatoes from Google. I was also read lifecycle of this plant, etc. And now, I have ready to plant potatoes :D

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  • Thanks Fanda. I also like potatoes. Potatoes is our favorite curry. But I am living in a city. So How can I plant potatoes? Please send me some(!) Wish you all the best.

  • waaw, it's prodigious :D. In recent years, we imported rice too much, because almost people in here consumed it. So our goverment suggested us trying to consumed alternative foods, like potato, corn, etc. Thanks a lot for your comment Ms. Galina :)

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  • Powerful Potato Pictures, Images and Photos

  • Fadan, when I saw the blog about potatoes ( and especially about planting potatoes), I felt so nice. You know I was even surprised, because you're from Indonesia ( so, your favourite food is rice) and you're going to plant potatoes! But in Russia potatoes are essential food. It's one of the top five components of Russian cuisine. And it's my favourite food, too. When I lived with my parents in a small town, we planted it every year, and so  do the most of Russians nowadays. We had a patch of ground out of the town especially for planting potatoes. It was so delicious. Now I live in a big city and we don't have a possibility to do it. That's why when I saw your blog I immediately recalled about it. You know, Fadan, we can make about 100 dishes out of potatoes. But usually we eat it boiled, mashed and baked.  Thanks for the nice blog.

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  • anele : thank you for your complete corrections anele.. :)

  • Nadira : thanks for your correcting,.. nadira ^^    Ha Nguyen : Thank you, let's planting haha.. :D Junko : thanks for your information, can't wait to share my potatoes ahaha :)

  •  I have an idea to planted 

    I have an idea to ...... planted is in the past tense .It  could be said as this way I planted the potatoes

    I was choose....I chose....

    Your blog is great with good content , thumbs up to you !

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