You are a nature valley
Night's breeze crossed your face
flowers slept on your cheeks
the bird chirped on your hand
people did not cross your border
your enemy was not known
your repulsion was written for me
Oh, you are my hope and my life,
that had been gone
I am running after a mirage
Look at the valley morning beauty
Look at its greenness and its sands
Look at the night's breeze,
why was it awake?
It was a warning of nothingness
From deep inside, I reckoned,
you were not destined for me

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    • Erlis Alliyah, cam on! I really appreciate your encouragement. Thanks. 

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  • it's a poem? 


    • Vang dung vay, Vu Chi. Thanks for your question comment. 

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  •  Oi there, folks

        I guess there is no better comment to Dara's poignant poem than a short poem on love written by my wordsmaster Mawlana Rumi:

          My wails of sorrow
          are tormenting my soul

    • Yestesh Pebny, Rysperski? honestly, between you and me, Rys don't tell anyone. It was a bad experience for me. I was hoping to have her as my partner but she was somewhere else. If you talk, the members will make sure that I am a bad loser. 

  • it is interesting.
    "I am running after a mirage" & "From deep inside, I reckoned,
    you were not destined for me"
    that sort of sentences particular to young people with flexible sensing.
    Growing-ups lost it mainly. though, i could be totally wrong.

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