New year resolutions

Hi guys.

Today, I would like to drop some lines about our new years resolutions. Some of us would like to go on a diet, some would like to change job, some would like to move home, and some would like travel around the world. Those resolutions are great and I hope you will be able to achieve as many goals as you have. However, I know that many of us have set the following aim: by the end of 2015 I will have been speaking in English, as a matter of fact, that is why we are here. Then, the questions that pops up at ours minds is: how can I improve my English. Here I would like to share some ideas that will be helpful and it is highly recommendable if you add some more. 

First of all, set a realistic goal. For achieving this it is important to know what you are learning English for (studies, work, travelling, fun...) as soon as you get that clear, have a schedule that not only suits your goal but also your personal needs and requirements. For me, it is important that you study English every day at least 2 hours. Besides, make your world as English as it can be: set your cellphone in English, watch TV and movies in English, listen to English song, SPEAK in English, READ in English. The more practice the better results. 

Find a partner to learn English. I know that this can be a difficult issue but you have to try. Look for a person at your job or school who wants to learn English too and hang out with him/her as much as you can: have lunch together, grab a beer once in a while, go shopping together, but the most important SPEAK ENGLISH TOGETHER.  If there is none near you, use pages to find penpals or online friends like English Club. Try to e-mail or video calls using programs like skype, set a time for chatting, and practice English the more you can. 

For finishing this blog, we have to use technology in order to learn. There are thousands of places where you can go online an practice. I suggest logging up Duolinguo, there you can get free practice of any language. Also, our beloved English Club. I love this place. When I have time, I just stop by in order to write a blog or sign a song. 

In conclusion, may your resolutions come true, have a merry Christmas, happy new year. Learning English takes time and practice, let us make that dream real and true. 

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  • @noaslpls Well, I mean, start working on improve our English. Starting the year may be good time. Nevertheless, you can start doing it right now. 

  • Ameena InshaAllah my resolution for this 2015 will come through.  For the past two years now, I have been wishing to enroll at university but i have not been lucky to because of some factors which are best known to my self.

    I hope and pray that i Enroll at any university in and out of my country. come 2015 that's my Resolution.

  • Had stopped making any new year resolutions since centuries ago. :D :D

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