Nature and Human

Dear EC friends, I have always loved Nature, no matter what. Since 2002, I have seen a lot of changes in the lifestyle of almost every Human Being. We have become very selfish. We hardly care about things around us. Let me request you to kindly do just one exercise, are you ready? Are you sure about you being ready? Okay...just imagine, since we all are growing our skills only and only to excel at our work, what is the main motive behind that, earn money right? We all want money, why? Because we want luxurious home, expensive mobiles, so and so..That means, the more capitalist we become, the more wastage we do about clothes, e-wastes like Mobiles, Televisions etc etc.If we imagine and really give just 5 min of our next one hour, you will know the truth. Just think if we all build luxurious houses and have mobile and no Trees at all, no animals (Because we are expanding our cities everyday) What will we eat? We all want to become Doctors, Engineers and no one wants to become farmers, why no one wants to become a farmer? Because it is considered as one of the worst occupations in the world, people have a mentality, that only illiterates should do agriculture and not educated.A lot of time I read news, so and so animal came to village and Forest Officers caught him and took that poor animal to zoo. If we all do deforestations, then where are they suppose to go? I feel pity on many people, who think Luxurious life os everything, without thinking about future.Well, also I see, for fur business, people boil lively animals to separate it's fur and leather and we shamelessly buy those products. Sometimes I really do feel, we dont deserve animals, we as human being have forgotten about living in harmony with our co-existants, we have become tyrant. We have forgotten being human and our charectaristic called "Humanity."I just saw something very nasty about animals, so thought to share my mind here. Thanks for reading, will appreciate your thoughts and if you have liked my blog, do share with others as well.
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  • Hi Olga,

    Cool picture, great quote! :)

  • Hi Dreamer,

    Yes, we all should think about it, and start a small thing to appreciate nature from our side.

    Thank you for sharing. Keep writing!

  • Hi, Dreamer. Nice blog and noble thoughts. I wouldn't say better than the author of these words:


    Thank you for sharing.

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