Hello everyone, I want to share my story about my experience in the first time traveling abroad.

On 25th July 2019,

That was the first time, I traveled abroad by myself. I was so excited about this first trip. The first day I came, I spent a day to visit some pagodas, the Royal Palace, and temples.

My story began, when I went from the subway to find a way of catching the bus to the Royal Palace. Suddenly, A tuk-tuk driver saw me, I thought he realized from my appearance that was a tourist. 

Then, He followed me to ask for a trip by tuk-tuk, he showed me a map and inquired: " Where are you going?" 

I replied: " I want to go to the Royal Palace." 

He said: " ok, I will take you to the harbor for catching the boat to the Royal Palace!" and pointed at the symbol of the harbor on the map. "It is just 10 bath" - he said.

In some minutes, I agreed with him and get into the tuk-tuk. Because I  had heard about the transports on the river and the tuk-tuk, I wanted to try it.

The tuk-tuk ran so fast, while I was looking at google maps, I immediately knew it ran to another place on the map. The tuk-tuk stopped at an awful harbor, which didn't exist on the map. 

The driver said-:" We had come!", then he took me to the table which was a woman sitting there and two bodyguards stood behind hers. It was so a bad situation.

I thought: " I was cheated by the driver", I sit at the chair in front of the woman.

The woman asked me:" Where are you going?" man", I answered:" The Royal Palace", she told:" We will take you to go around the river before we come to the Royal Palace. It is 2500 baht!" 

I was very shocked by that price. She saw my emotion on the face and said:" How much do you want?" I answered it:" I don't know but, you have any the price of public transport?"

She was quite angry said:" No! We don't have!" I said:" oh sorry! thank you!". I stood up and move quickly outside.

I found the way to the harbor on the google map, then, I came to the correct place, which is near the gangster's harbor. The price was only 15 baht to the Royal Palace. 

My first lesson in Bangkok was didn't trust in the tuk-tuk driver and sometimes you must believe in the google map.

Thanks for reading my post!

Do you have some traveling stories? You can share with everybody below the comments!

Best wishes to you!  

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  • Hi there,

    I've never been to Thailand, but I visited Laos some years ago. My experience is making friends with some locals beforehand. I had an account on and made lots of foreign friends who are willing to share a place and everything with me. Getting back to the story of traveling by tuk-tuk, I think you need to ask some others or check google before jumping onto it. I myself find traveling by motorbike more exhilarating, so I often rent a bike and go. Thanks to Google Maps and GPS, I've never get lost or overcharged.  Hehe


    • Great! Thanks for your advice! I have checked Google Maps before and I saw the symbol of the harbor. But it is unluckily! 




    Travellers get into similar situaltions in most of the tourist destinations.

    Keep writing about your travelling experience, Arrow Stone! 


    • Thanks for your comment, Wolf!

      I will write more!

      Best wishes to you hihi

  • How similar the experiences are!
    On my first trip to Thailand, we were in Bangkok the first three days before the start of our trip through northern Thailand.
    We wanted to explore Bangkok.

    In front of the hotel, a tuk-tuk driver asked us where we wanted to go.
    We told him we wanted to go to a place where we could take a long-tail boat on the Bankok Klongs.
    We were four people and so he called his cousin to ask him to come with his tuk-tuk too.
    So far, so good.

    The second driver came, we set off, but they didn't go straight to a boat jetty but took us to another cousin who had a tailor's shop.
    Since we are polite and patient, we looked around the shop, but we made it clear that we didn't want to buy anything.

    We continued our ride on the tuk-tuks, but when we realized that the drivers wanted to take us to the next cousin who has another store where they sell jewelry, we declined and asked to go straight to a jetty bring to. If not, we would not pay for the ride. Finally, the drivers stopped bringing us to various other stores. We paid for the tuk-tuk ride, but when the drivers asked us if they should wait for us and bring us back to the hotel, we declined gratefully.

    Still, it wasn't the last time I used a tuk-tuk for a ride. It's fun, but not just because of that.
    I would also like to support the local people who struggle with their daily lives.

    Taking care of their families is not always that easy, and if people don't overdo it, I can handle it if they try to trick us a bit. It doesn't hurt.
    My motto is to live and let others live.


    • Thanks for sharing your story!

      I agree with you about the tuk-tuk driver who has to look after their family. It's happy helping them. But sometimes we will get some little matters.

      We will have many people who have a difficult life.

      Best wishes to you, Rose 

      Thanks for your comment again!

  • Thank you for sharing! It was brave and smart of you to refuse a second offer, you  found the royal pallace on your own, wow.  I think you were lucky,  not only learning but also  teaching and maybe  even laugh about it in a while. 

    • Thanks for your comment! 

      That is a special memory for me and a useful lesson.

      Have a nice day! 

  • To be cheated by the poor tuk-tuk driver is better than rich cheaters, like owners' hotels or exchangers of money. Good luck.

    • Thanks for your comment!

       I will be careful more


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