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Beauty of Pakistan



Beauty of Kohsar



I was on vacation and all our cousins visited our home. After dinner, we sat all together. Suddenly my one of my cousins Ahmed asked Farhan, ' Where did you go in your last vacations?'

We went to a wonderland by plane from Rawalpindi to Gilgit. After a one-night stay, we left for Hunza. All the views were very marvelous. When we reached Karimabad passing through the Dour, there was a magnificent scene. The most beautiful of the peak of Raka Posh was in front of us.           

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Hello everyone, I want to share my story about my experience in the first time traveling abroad.

On 25th July 2019,

That was the first time, I traveled abroad by myself. I was so excited about this first trip. The first day I came, I spent a day to visit some pagodas, the Royal Palace, and temples.

My story began, when I went from the subway to find a way of catching the bus to the Royal Palace. Suddenly, A tuk-tuk driver saw me, I thought he realized from my appearance that was a tourist. 


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Travel alone

When do you travel alone? When you have time and money to go, but your friends don't have. Or simply because you like.

I realise that when we start to work, earn money, our time fund is not the same. So it's difficult to plan a journey together. Initially. I did that because there was no choice but after all, it is all about myself.

Solo travel has many advantages. You do what you like when you want and where you go, you're on your own schedule. When you travel alone, you will focus on discovering

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