My Reyhan Maheswara

My Reyah is my little child. He is about 5 month. Everyday I talk to him alot. He is my sweetie one and also my friend. Iam playing with him unlimited times.I teach him playing toys and religion, also english with funnier ways. He is my dearest one. whan I was alone I was beside him and making a good communicate with him. he is my inspiration, we have a certain time to have communicate when we are together, listening music and sing a song. we are always try to understand each other and makes us be happy. My reyhan is my power in my life without him I couldn't do anything.He gave me a signal " with his smiling" .My great one always try to make me smile all time. I though he is my sweetie one in my heart. how about your child my sweet members.." what do you think about him or her" tell us my dears,... please make him or her comfortable and trying to talk with him with softly words.        

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  • Saya suka Reyah dan ibunya! May God bless him and the rest of your family.

  • Tell him RINI that he is lucky child because you are his mum.


  • mr.night, nadiyah,syed faisal ali, anele,..thank's dears for your nice comment on my video also my blogs, best regard -rini hartuti
  • Rini, I'm happy for you! What a nice baby you got. Children are always make the family happy. Reyhan is a nice name. Wish me luck, stil I dont have a baby.




  • Congratulation to introduce your first baby, dear Rini

    Wishing you're being a great mom for him :)



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