my heart is crying

I am twenty-eight years old.I  have no girl friend,I would like to make a  girl friend.She must speak english. My  chinese friends speak chinese just ,not speak english.I hope I find a speaking english girl make friends.If  you have a better person,I hope others can let me know.thanks!

best regards!

bob sa!

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  • Don't cry, BOB! Cheer up! 

    Someone said: "Luck should be found, not just come to you"

    I wish you would. :)

  • Nice Bob but why dont u get married? If u do ur love will be external!
  • If you limit yourself with certain criteria to find friends, you're limiting the opportunity to know more wonderful people. Anyway, good luck in trying to find your English speaking girlfriend.

  • Cheer up, Bob ;) And be a little bit brave ;) Happiness doesn`t come to those who are in the house with closed windows and doors ;)

  • Is it possible friends be made on request?

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