This is the RESULT of your MAJOR QUIZ which is also the last quiz for this year.  This was based on Lesson 8, 9 and 10 (Preposition) posted in the Grammarly Yours group.  

Thank you dear Learners for your warm participation.  Hope to see you again on my next lesson next year!


For those who were'nt able to make it, may the result become an inspiration for you to continue seeking ways to perfect your English.  Answer key is given to recheck your work.


Dear Learners,

This is your MAJOR QUIZ.  This quiz is a bit harder than all the quizzes that you have just answered.  It will run for 3 days only.  Your score will be revealed on May 10, 2015.  To get a very good score, it is best for you to review first all the lessons before taking up the quiz.  The following icons below when clicked, will lead you to the three lessons involved:

If you are ready and you think you can make it, read first the WARNING before taking up the exam.  May you all pass the exam!

WARNING:  Write all your answers in the comment box.   Be sure that you have followed all the instructions properly before pressing the "Add Comment" button.  Your first entry will always be considered as the final answer.



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  • You are a great and awesome teacher, Lady Anne. Thank you. :)

  • Dear, Anne and Onne, I thank you so much, I certainly benefited greatly from that quiet discussion. We all love our great teacher, and are not afraid of her stick, so please let me say, it would have been better that the sentence be like this "Peter was listing (to the news) on the radio when she came". So as to not be confused for the poor beginner like me.

  • Thank you so much for this batch.  This batch is indeed a bunch of intelligent learners!

  • Oh no.... I was the one confused here because of your intro message:

    I learnt that the word "listen" always be followed by "to". Also, I remembered the song ofThe Corrs - Radio. "So listen to the radio.....". It convinced me to answer "to". 

    I reread your comment and got now what you mean.  Thanks for always notifying me.  I owe you a lot!

  • Dear my teacher,, is my analyze wrong? But I think it's the same with your explanation. I got your explanation well.

    So, I wonder where is my mistake..

    I just received and curious about the sentence "listen on the radio" on the website that Samuel is curious too.

    Listen to the radio (object)

    Listen on the radio (place)

  • My dear Onee-chan.  I think you are a bit confused, hahaha!

    Let's simplify:

    Listen to - - - - > object   (who/ what)

    Example:  Listen to her.  (To whom will we listen?  HER (object of listen to)

                  Listen to the sound of the music. (What are we going to listen? THE SOUND (object of listen to)

    Listen on - - - -  >  Place (where)

    Example:  Listen to the music on your laptop. (Where to listen? LAPTOP (Place)


    Listen to the radio on your iPhone.  (Here, the RADIO is the "object" while IPHONE is the "place")

    This means, listen to the radio and listen on the radio are both correct depending on the usage.

    Just remember, if it's the object of the verb, use "to", if it's a place, use "on".

  • I learnt that the word "listen" always be followed by "to". Also, I remembered the song of The Corrs - Radio. "So listen to the radio.....". It convinced me to answer "to". 

    Thank you, Lady Anne, for letting me know that sometimes we can say "listen on".

    Yes, I guess "the radio" in your sentence is an object, not the place. While "the radio" in the sentence showed by Samuel is a place (on the radio means on the website). It has different meaning in my language. I heard it from a broadcaster. It is like an advertisement for people to listen on the radio (on a channel of the radio/website). What do you think, teacher? :)

    Dear Samuel,, thank you for rising this question. It is very valuable lesson. :)

  • Yeah.... that's preposition of place. (listen on)  

  • Lady Anne, thank you so much for your reply. But please look at the title of these sites.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  • Samuel....English grammar is very broad.  We, English learners tend to embrace its broadness by taking into consideration not only the British English as well American English.

    That is why you can see from my comment to Onee-chan that "different from", "different to" and "different than" are all correct.  

    But I always want my lessons to be as simple as they should be.  It explains why I always remind the learners "not to deviate from my lesson because deviating from them would mean a discrepancy". 

    For example...... You answered "different than" instead of "different from". In my lesson only "different from" appeared.  Although "different than" is correct, I will mark you as incorrect because of the rule "Any deviation from my lesson will mean an incorrect answer".  The purpose is to simplify and not to confuse.

    Now, for your question.  Try to analyze the sentence below:

    I listen to Mary on the radio.

    Here, "listen to" and "listen on" are used.  (Listen to Mary. Listen on the radio)

    Listen to is followed by an object and answers the question "what/who" while listen on indicates a place and answers the question "where".

    So "listen to" and "listen on" are both correct depending on the usage.

    In my lesson, I placed "listen on" under "Preposition of place" while "listen to" under "Preposition after verb"

    I hope I made it clear for you Samuel.  Please don't hesitate to ask again in case it's not so clear.  Thank you Samuel.  You and Onee-chan have sharp eyes and made an in-depth observation.  Sign of a good learning attitude.

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