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Is the turkey a bird from Turkey?

This morning while going through my e-mail inbox I came across an interesting article in Quora written by Thomas Delvin - Content Producer at Babbel. I found it interesting enough to share it with you, members of myEC.

Let’s talk turkey. By which I mean, maybe my favorite etymology is of the word turkey. I love it because it shows that sometimes an etymology can be completely divorced from reality.

So to start, there are two things referred to as “Turkey

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Writing articles for money is easy. But how much you make from your efforts depends on how long it takes you to write each article. To maximize your earnings, you need to minimize your time investment.

Here are 6 tips to faster, easier article writing:

1.Know what you want out of each article before you write it. If your main objective is to convey expertise, you would probably opt for a longer, more detailed article. If instead you’re article is one of a number of lead-generators to place in var

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