Life is simple...

Many people keep on asking or analyzing the question: "What's the purpose of our life?" So I'm answering them: "Why do you want to know the answer?" 

In fact there is no answer. Each and every of us is an  individual whose values, standards, moral etc. differ from another one, which logically leads us to the conclusion that what's the purpose of life for one person is total meaningless bullshit for another one.
The thing is, why to overthink such questions instead of focusing on living and enjoying our life? Honestly, I don't care what's the purpose of my life and why I am here. I guess thinking about this issue would take too much of my precious time, which I prefer to spend in other way and eventually I am sure I wouldn't find any suitable answer as I'm too picky..
In fact life is easy and short.. so don't make it too complicated and messy because it will lead you to the point zero... exactly where you started thinking about it all :D


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  • To be honest i never expected such precious words from you. you're absolutely right!

  • nice , but what is the purpose of our life ?

  • Nice one James Bond!  Having a purpose makes our lives more meaningful and worth living for

  • I don't really  know what my  own purpose in this life , as a muslim my purpose is to worship Allah as possible as I can my purpose is to support my family my purpose is to be a better person than I was yesterday my purpose is to acquire new skills and learn new things , my purpose is to get rid of thinking about the past which is impossible but I have to try .

  • Life is simple, but boring without difficulties.

    But I think, it is an unavoidable topic. I mean, everybody sooner or later starts to think about it.

    Thank you for sharing, Lucinka!

  • hello! thats true))) when you will meet the meaning of your life you will understand it. I've understood my purpose was going on my way)

  • agree! 

  • this life is too  short to be wasting  time finding those answers,  youre right lucinka, tnx for sharing  those sentences, youre a great writer 

  • Hey Luci... Again, a philosophical blog from you! ha ha ha

    If this life has taught me a single lesson, its this fact that life is a journey. If we think too much about the destination, we won't enjoy this journey. Every second of life is precious. What matters so much is that how we are spending our life and if we are content about it.

    Pretty close to what you said, huh? (;

  • Very nice qeastion as a topic for a blog, and a very general one.

    Yes you got the point and it reminds me of a very nice critical conversation between Spartacus and Draba (two gladiators ) in a shed when ther were waiting for a bloody fight.

    “What’s life for? “ Draba the huge strong gladiator asked

    “ Live Draba - that’s what life is for “ Spartacus answered

    “ I can’t understand it “ Draba said

    “ why so ? It is very easy “ Spartacus said “ so easy , that a baby undestans it as soon as he leaves the womb of his mother “


    yes sometimes we look for the answere we search and search up to that time we forget the question basically . We look for the meaning of the life while life is going on fast .

    And ir reminds me of a poem by Sohrab Sepehri :

    “ No it is not to our job to find the secret of the roses. Maybe our job is that we let ourselves to be floated on the charm and attraction of them “

    Thank you Lucy for such nice great blog .
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