mr right commented on Luci's blog post Just don't care, what they say :)
"WHO cares, luci, thats why im a laid back dude,you know that im your admirer i like the way you wri…"
May 18
mr right commented on O. M.'s blog post Do not look for suffering where there is none, or why I do not believe in virtual relationships.
"Happiness matters, it is one of our main goals in life so thats why we are always doing our best in…"
May 16
mr right commented on Helena's blog post Feelings are the soul’s experience
"it is the first time i read you , lenshka,  it is interesting, tnx for sharing it"
May 16
mr right commented on Rosemary :)'s blog post •●° I Have Left Him °●•
"you women  has the solution to stop that violence,  the kids are being educated by a woman, boys ne…"
May 16
mr right commented on Luci's blog post Life is simple...
"this life is too  short to be wasting  time finding those answers,  youre right lucinka, tnx for sh…"
May 16

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  • Hi there! :)

    i found Mr Right!

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May 5