Life doesn't always go my way.

Dear all, 

It's been a while since last time I posted something over here. Yet, I am glad I'm back. 

You know, we all go through different experiences an their lessons. However, we sometimes have that feeling about 'why things didn't happen as we wanted to, as we planned to and probably as we think we deserved it'. I don't want to sound desperate or 'sad' but I am curious about how things end up so different as we wanted it and it is not what we actually expected - you get disappointed -. 

I read - some days ago- something that really caught my attention: " Maybe you're not the same person that made those old plans and life is showing you a different path. " What do you think about it?

Also, years are passing by and you're in the same place, same point, same ordinary things over and over, stuck probably in the past and you ask yourself "what do I have to do next? ". Taking the risk is 'risky' but maybe it's even worse wondering "what If ...".

Yes, too many things I wanted to accomplish and I couldn't, too many goals I couldn't reach, too many dreams that won't ever come true and so on. So, I tell myself "Ori... life doesn't always go your way...! and so on. 

I'll move on, maybe. 



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  • Thank you, dear @Ratu .

  • Sometimes we don't get what we really want in life, but life must go on....
    Nicely written, thanks for sharing your thoughts...
  • Dear all, 

    Thank you so much for your reflexive messages. 

    Maybe being more realistic is something I must start doing now. 

    Let's see what happens. 

    You guys are very supportive. I really appreciate it.

  • Great post!

    I took the risk and accomplished a goal from the past(being successful at an English interview).I realized now that I am not  interested in it anymore. I am on a better way. Maybe sometimes it worth taking the risk and free yourself from being stuck in the past. 

  • Great post! Welcome home. 

  • Dear Ori, we need the courage to face obstacles; we also need faith to overcome them.
  • This is true for all of us.  There will always be a time that we are waiting, striving.  A time where we mourn and despair but there is also a time where we celebrate.  Keep the faith in yourself and your time will come. :)

  • lol, teacher, sometime, I wish I didn't marry...because, everything I do...I must do with the same guy hahaha...(kidding). But if I don't marry with him, how can I have some cute kids, right? so I will say : I don't get disapointed anymore

  • Hola senorita Oriani, como vai minga amiga. Muchas gracias! I hope to be one of your friends. Ori, I like that name.  Being Ori is a goal itself,  isn't it?

  • Life is full of turns and detour. There's nothing much we can do about it except just trying our best. If we keep on wishing for the stars and not content with what we have, we are going to be frustrated and depressed. Just accept that it's not meant to be, and move on.

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