Just a minute (end)


I told her, "it is true and I openly accepted the issuance of this deal and the dollar is permissible for you."

She extended her hand and said, "please, I am now repaying you the debt and returning to you what you paid on my behalf at the box office. Now, thank you very much for everything you have done for me."

She gave me the dollar and I smiled at her. My smile lasted more than a minute when I was aware that she took my head and kissed my forehead saying, "Did you know that I could have waited hours without solving my problem? The others would not have known what was my problem, and I would not have been able to ask a dollar from anyone."  

I asked her, "all right, what would you sell me if I gave you a hundred dollars?"

She answered, "I will consider that as a dowry and accept you as my husband."

Our laughter was heard inside the bus, while I was acting as if I was going to stand up and leave my seat escaping. She grabbed my hand saying, "sit down, my husband clings to me and he is no mood to die soon."

I was saying, "just a minute" ……" just a minute"    



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  • so that is how it is end... hehe

    • Iya Fizzy! They are just lessons from life. Thanks for your comment. 

  • Good Story. 👍

    • Mushkil nadareh Muhammad A. Thanks for your nice words. 

  • We need the minute to tell ourselves we are not the center of the world. A baby is the center of the "world". Everyone around the baby want to know what the baby needs and get it for the baby. When babys  grow up as young men, they think they are the center of the world. When young people grow a bit older, they ask for the right to be the center of the world. Then at certain time, certain age, some people will realize no one is center of the world, we are all part of the world. It becomes natural that in situations, the person will take a minute, evaluate the situation in a wholistic way before making decision. 

    • Miya, wo ai ni he arigato! I like that intervention very much. One minute to evaluate what we are and who we are is not that much. Bearing in our minds that we are not the center of the world, we are part of it. That what my father used to say, take a minute thinking before doing. Thanks, Miya for your nice comment.

    • Arigato Miya! It is early dawn here. I shall wake up later to reply. Thank you. 

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