Just a minute (4)


It is 'just a minute', don't you ever forget this word whenever you intend to make a decision. When you think of anything in life, and when you reach the stage of taking a decision, give yourself just a minute' an extra minute, sixty seconds and nothing more.

Do you know how much information your brain can process during sixty seconds? During this minute which you give to yourself before taking your decision may change many things, but on one condition!"

I said, "what is that condition?"

She said, "to depart from your impulses and, to place human values  and moral ideals in your brain and in the core of your heart at once and treat them objectively without prejudice. " 

She continued to say, "if you have decided that you are the owner of the right, and the other party had oppressed you, then during  this minute, and when you detach from  your impulses, you may discover that the other party has a right too, or part of this right. At that point, you might change your decision towards him.

If you intended to punish someone, you might find an excuse for him during this minute so that you can reduce the punishment from him, or you refrain from punishing him and forgive him for good.

One minute may make you more attached to your humanity, and more distant from your whims and egos. One minute may change the course of your life and the lives of others, and if you are one of those responsible, it may change the course of the life of an entire group of people.

Did you know that everything I explained to you about one minute did not take more than one minute?"

to be continued, .....

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