●•° I Have learned a lesson ●•°

    We will never grow too old to learn new things . It is our nature as human . Learning isn't a part of an educational system with a certain curriculum .
Learning is a big topic that covers a wide range of things , especially when it comes to human nature and how to deal with some kind of personalities .

    Some people do sugar coat their behaviors just to get things or achieve certain goals or have the latest news from your mouth .
Well , there is no problem in dealing with others in a transactional way . It is part of our humanity and a way of communication . Not all our talks will be emotional and warm .

  However , you get that feeling of bitterness when some people start things , in the wrong way with you .
The story behind this long introduction is meeting my neighbor for the first time . So , a mid of this Corona virus quarantine . She started to build a relationship with me . I admit that I felt happy because , I have no friends at all in real world and I was very excited to visit her in her near apartment .

    As the whole things started . She begun to text me on the watts and asking for everything from my kitchen . I was annoyed because I didn't think she was in real need for these things . I thought she was only teasing me . Maybe I was wrong or something .

  Then , she invited me to her apartment and insist that I should come and under her insistence and the quarantine state of complete boredom . I decided to see what lays there behind the fence .
All of the sudden , things begins to get clearer and I started to see a woman that is not my cup of tea at all .
She was that kind of people who wants to give you that bad feeling about yourself and the whole world .
She kept on provoking me during the meeting . Throwing her negative words over me from time to time and like pouring more tea in my cup , as if her tea will erase her bad manners . I don't want to go into more unnecessary details about our talk .

                 But I can say , that I have learned a lesson that I should never give anyone
Such a me and her sitting alone . It isn't that easy some people have bad intentions toward others . They are waiting to get the chance to spite their poison . Don't let them do it . Nothing worth enduring their behaviors .
    I won't hate my neighbor at all . It is I have made a decision never to meet or visit anyone I don't know very well and that relationship must be cooked on low heat .


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  • Dear Rosemary,

    You're not alone. I experience the similar thing. When I get a new neighbor, I tried to get close. Actually, she is good. But the more we talk about so many things, there's something that we are different in concept of life. It would never meet any point. I decide not to talk about it anymore. I feel happy with my choice, but when someone said negative, it makes me a bit tired.

    The keyword is "keep the distance, to anyone", because never two people have 100% the same thoughts of many things

    Good day! ^_^.

  • Loved it so much ❣️

  • Hi

    I don't think, you will get stuck here, go ahead, explore a new one, for the next relation, until you get someone good.

    • Thanks Shaheen 🌷

  • "relationship must be cooked on low heat" ... no need further words ...

    • Thanks Argon 👍

  • Hi Rosemary! What can I tell you about that...That is something we need to deal with through our lives. Some people doesn´t have a clue how to have good manners with others. In fact, there are people who think they have the right way of living and the right to despict others life styles or personalities. This kind of people think they are in all ways superiors to everyone else, and they do that always they have a chance. I really hate that, because everything you wanna do is gonna be wrong for them. It doesn´t matter if you are trying something new, (like learning or improve a langauge for instance) they gonna try to make you feel bad and make a criticism for all you have done or all you are going to do. But you know what, there´s two things about these people: it could be that they had a miserable lives before and they try to this happen with you to you either, or they are very self overrated and with their feet very far from ground. Either way there´s one thing we can do about them: ignore them. They are not good for you and they are going to be a big stone on your back if you keep up close to them and is not fair for you. We need to be surrounded for good and positive people and that´s gonna be good for you and your social ambient.

    The other thing, and I tell you this for a security reasons, is that you need be carefull to go very soon with people you don´t know well, eveh though when they are your neighbors, cause we dont really know their real side.
    I hope this bitter experience don´t make you believe most of the people is like that but you have to examine with details the person who deserve you friendship and is not very difficult. Remember that the good friends always are going to be able to help you even when that implies sacrifice their time and fun with the simple fact that see you happy.

    •   Thanks Julio  for your words  . They were very precious  for me  . Actually  , I was trying to run away  from her but I wanted to do it without hurting her feeling . Because  , I don't like to hurt others even if I don't like them and that was a little difficult for me  , due to her nature  . Thanks again 🌷

  • that reminds me of toxic people....  better stay away rosemary... its not good for your energy.  

    • 💖🌷  thanks dear Fizzy

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