How to learn new English words every day

How to learn new English words every day

Nobody likes that feeling of not being able to remember foreign words. Lucky for you, English language is everywhere around us and it is very easy and fun to improve your vocabulary. If you are enthusiastic enough and you don't give up so easily, you will be fluent in English in no time. Here are some tips how to learn new English word every day.

Speak with natives

This is probably the best way to improve your English knowledge. If you are not able to travel and live abroad, go ahead and hire a native tutor who will gladly help you with your learning journey. Try to find time to speak with them regularly as you will be able to improvise real life situations and learn words in a more practical way. 

Make your own English pocket journal/dictionary

It might sound traditional, but this is also very practical. Imagine your normal day. How does it look like? You get up, you turn your alarm off, you brush your teeth, you eat breakfast... Note down in your personal journal all those things and find their translation from your mother tongue to English language. Do this with all daily routines and things you talk about on daily basis. You will quickly know a lot more words.

Watch movies and television

Yes, it is correct, you can learn new words while having fun. If you note down all the unfamiliar words that you encounter during your evening movie nights or TV show binge watching, you will know more than a word per day, definitely! Don't only focus on the plot, focus on the language, on the words, choose English speaking programs with English subtitles. 

Learn with podcasts

If you are stuck in traffic or are taking a walk, podcasts are the way to go. Pick English podcasts if you want to learn new word every day. Podcasts can be included into your daily routines, such as morning coffee of while you eat dinner. When you encounter an unfamilar word, look it up in the dictionary and write it down in your pocket journal. You'll know it by the next time you need to use it.

If you need help wtih your learning journey, book a trial class with a native English tutor on Justlearn and start improving your English today.

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  • Zdravo Andrijana Ikonic, I like English and I like those who like English, too. Thanks for sharing. I hope to be one of your friends.  

    • You are welcome! Glad to hear that. There are many more tips on Justlearn blog where I share them frequently, go have a look:


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  • Nice blog! But to get a native teacher means it must be expensive!

    • Thank you. Not at all, prices differ so you can choose the most suitable for you. All Justlearn tutors go through a detailed selection, so no matter which one you choose you will not make a mistake. You can try a trial class before choosing your tutor and all the prices are listed on this page here:

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