How to Get Started with Teaching English in China?

Without question, there are a lot of jobs that you can do that are going to make you feel satisfied with your life.  However, few are going to make you feel as good as you will when you teach Chinese kids English.  There’s something absolutely life-changing about the fact that you are going to be actively involved in teaching a little one English while also making sure that they feel encourage and supported throughout their language learning journey.  If this sounds like something that you are going to want to do, you’ll want to consider ESL jobs in China

how to become an ESL teacher

Why China?

With a large population that is constantly on the rise, there are all sorts of potential students in China that are simply waiting for you.  There are plenty of opportunities for you to teach English in China and they are going all be rewarding and money-earning options that will help you to feel like you’re in the right place and teaching the right skills to help the majority of the people with whom you interact.

How to get started

If this is something that sounds like it’s going to be a match for your interests and career path, here are some details that you’ll want to keep in mind about getting started.

  • Make sure you’re teaching in the right language: When you are looking at teaching ESL, you’ll need to make sure that you are qualified to teach in English. Most China-based jobs do require that you are a native speaker of English, or that you at least have a very high ranking in English with little to no accent.  It’s important that you meet those requirements and any other specifications that schools may have in your English capabilities.
  • Take a look at the salary you’ll be making: Different education levels and different specifications with ESL will offer you different salaries. You can expect to make great pay while you are teaching in China, but you will want to take a look at the financials before you go so that you are prepared for any changes it may bring to your own current financial situation. 
  • Focus on the quality of life you’ll be able to enjoy: When you teach in China, you are going to be entering a brand new culture with exciting customs and shifts. You’ll be able to appreciation this new culture and the quality of life that it brings, too. Living in China is often cheaper than most Western lifestyles, so it cam be a great way for you to enjoy travelling, working and still living life to the fullest — whatever that may mean for you.  If yo are looking at teaching ESL as a way to enjoy all of these things, you’re looking at the opportunity with the right perspective. 
  • Choose the right kind of school for your goals: A huge part of getting ready to teach English is going to be in making sure that you are teaching in the right location with the right specifications for your wants, as needed. In China, there are a few kinds of focuses that you can look at when it comes to teaching children ESL.
    • Public schools: The public schools in China are much the same as they are in the Western world. These school systems are going to have large classes where students of all abilities and backgrounds are expected to learn English.  You’ll have more freedom to make your own lesson plan with a public school approach.
  • Private language-based schools: When you are looking at an after-hours sort of design, a private school will be able to offer you the specification. This is only after hours and it focuses on making sure that the students are learning ESL in an immersive environment that compliments their education in the school system.
  • International-oriented schools: If you are looking at enjoying a more multicultural approach, international schools combine together well-off children from various backgrounds and put them into ESL courses that you will be able to teach. These often follow more structured plans with equally structured expectations.  As such, they tend to be a bit more selective in their process, but they can be wonderful when you are looking at really broadening your horizons.
  • Specialized kindergarten classes: Since English has become such a core part of the Chinese education system, you can now look at the idea of doing an immersion program in your kindergarten class that is going to be wonderful when you want to focus on teaching young minds in a true immersive experience from the very beginning. This is great when you like the idea of working exclusively with kindergarten-aged children as well.
  • Enjoy the fun of teaching little ones a new language: Regardless of which schooling option that you choose, you’ll find that teaching ESL is fun, rewarding, financially stable, and great to consider for making use out of your natural skills. Even if you never considered yourself to be a teacher, you may find that teaching ESL is going to become so fruitful, you’ll realize that it really is your calling.  It’s pretty incredible to realize that you have found what you wanted to do, almost by accident.  Just further proof that teaching ESL in China could possibly be the best decision of your life.

When you are looking at the future and trying to determine how to best take advantage of the possibilities and the options that you have in front of you, teaching ESL in China should be a leading option simply due to the amount of positives that it is going to offer you.  When you want to get started on the right foot, with the right core concepts, these steps above will help you make sure that you are going about it the right way.  Better advice means better results, after all, so use this as your guide to make the absolute most out of your ESL experience.

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