Hajj and the hard time


Today, the eighth of the month of Thulhijjah is the first day of Hajj. Our house is not far from Mecca. We have to have Hajj permit to perform Hajj. Some of the pilgrims came here a week ago. Some of them arrived yesterday. All and all, most of them are here today to perform (tawaf algudoom) arrival circumambulation.

After finishing tawaf and Saee, they move to Mina. Since their (ihram) from various places, they say (talbiyah) which means they intend to perform Hajj only for the glory of Allah. At Mina ritual, the guests of God stay the night there. 

Tomorrow, we continue the sacred journey of Hajj

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  • People performing hajj there are indeed blessed and chosen ones. They have gotten a chance to perform Hajj peacefully without crowd.

    • Main nahi pata, SNR, lekin they are lucky to have that. Coronavirus is controlling us and our economy. last year, it was more than two million pilgrims. Now, the pilgrims are less than ten thousand pilgrims. Thanks, SNR for your comment and I hope you are lucky next time to come here. 

  • I saw on news yesterday... its less crowded.. and the pilgrims have to follow the SOP

    • Saya juga melihat nya, Fizzy! It seems that OVID-19  has changed our life. We used to have a slang saying,(there is mercy in the crowd). I do not know how but some people seek pleasure in it. Now, coronavirus prohibited that. A distance of at least one and a half meter between the pilgrims. Thanks, Fizzy.

  • Oh... How much i love to be in Mecca now. Pray for us please. 

    Thanks for sharing the journey with us. 

    • Mushkel nadare Zahra! Please, when you come online, add me. I am ready to share this journey with you. Thanks for your comment. 

  • This reminds me the time when I was there. Other than these days hajj there was huge rush of pilgrims at that time.

    • Bilkul Mishaikh sahib, those were the good days. Of course, they had their sour taste  too but their sweetness was better. Thanks Mr. Mishaikh for your comment on this exceptional situation of Pilgrimage of 2020.

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