Hi, dear learners! The winter vacations are over and it is time to get down to business. So, here is a new grammar test. It is very much like the previous one and I am sure you all know what to do! Also, pay your attention to the problematic verbs, prepositions, articles, please. Just correct all the mistakes!

Here is your task.

1. On table before a deadly man a tray with dinner was standing not being served by flight attendant.
2. She heard some strange noise going outside. Held a baby on arms, she went to the overlooking the river window so that she saw what went on.
3. I rose my head hearing the being boiled kettle that whistled in the kitchen.
4. Getting tired during the day, I laid down and asked not disturbing.
5. Being walked at the park by my dog, I ran on my old friend who said he hadn’t known we moved to the other country both.
6. Going back from work I saw my wife’s sitting a cake in oven I didn’t want to eat as I kept a diet for long.
7. I wish I have never made anyone to blush when read my comments at their mistakes but people learn on such way.
8. I have never thought I will have my occupation be changed due to I moved to the other country.
9. When I called her and was no answer I had thought she must left or didn’t hear the phone was ringing.
10. I didn’t know when would depart the flight and did I have to go to the airport before the time.

You all know if some sentences don’t make sense, it is better to ask me before correcting them.
Have a great weekend!
The deadline is the end of January. So, take your time but be attentive, please!

Here are the correct sentences.

  1. On the table before the dead man stood (sat) a tray with dinner which hadn’t been served by a flight attendant.
    2. She heard some strange noise coming from outside. Holdinga baby in her arms, she came up to the window overlooking the river to see what was going on.
    3. I raised my head hearing the boiling kettle whistling in the kitchen.
    4. Having gotten tired during the day, I lay down and asked not to be disturbed.
    5. Walking my dog in the park, I ran into my old friend who said he didn’t known we both had moved to another country.
    6. Having come back from work I saw my wife set(ting) a cake into the oven but I didn’t want to eat the cake as I had been keeping a diet for long.
    7. I wish that I had never made anyone blush (while) readingmy comments on his/her mistakes but people learn in such away.
    8. I never thought I would have to change my occupation due to moving to another country.
    9. When I called her and there was no answer I thought she must have left or didn’t hear the phone ring.
    10. I didn’t know when the flight departed and whether I had to come to the airport ahead of time.

Sure, you can ask me all your questions.

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  • Dear Bet, if you even thought that a man was angry, it was quite clear before him was a tray with dinner that a flight attendant hadn't served.

  • Actually, I thought he was deadly....not dead!

  • Dear Bet!

    6. Yes, you may replace the participle phrase with the gerund phrase "After returning from work". However, to use a clause after SAW is unnatural. It must be "I saw my wife setting (set).."

    1. Yes, dear, I know it was you who wrote such a great sentence! LOL! But let me ask if you have ever seen a dead person standing. Besides, a dinner table sounds a little strange speaking about the plane. Are there any other tables? Also, if you wanted to use the participle phrase at the beginning, it should have been "Not having been served..."

    9. You should remember such words

  • Okay, I got it it was different as there was seemed! But do not you think it is tough for us to remember which verb follows infinitive with to and without too......huhuhuhu.....

  •  Sir, I wrote it! Being not served by the flight attendant, a deadly man was standing on a tray before the dinner table! Is it impossible?! lol

  • Having come back from work I saw my wife set(ting) a cake into the oven but I didn’t want to eat the cake as I had been keeping a diet for long. if I say

    after returning from work I saw my wife was setting a cake into the oven but I didn’t want to eat the cake as I had been keeping a diet for long.

  • Dear Onee, I am sorry, too.

    But I belive it has been a useful lesson

  • Teacher Dan............

    :((( Next time I will post my attempt more quickly. hehe... I'm really sorry for being so late.

    So many thanks for this lesson.

  • OK, Bet, no problem.

    Please, read this blog and if you still have any questions, I will gladly answer them.


  • But it seems I need more explanation about the last number,...10, okay?

This reply was deleted.