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Dear all,

We buy many things, which are not at all required, they are forced on us by endorsing it via film stars, sportsmen/sportswomen. Just take a round in your house today and see how many unnecessary things you have bought, just because you have money.

This is 21st century and we all want ourself to be updated with new technology and gadgets. When we come across any new gadget or fashionable clothes or vehicles, we immediately think of buying it. Once we buy it, we will hardly think about what will happen to old. We unknowingly create waste, which is not destroyed easily, it goes from garbage to oceans and harms the ocean life. 

You will also see that most of the e-waste or Plastic waste is sent to undeveloped countries, where they burn that and create a lot of air pollution unnecessarily. 

Friends, just because you have money, do not buy things unnecessarily, because there are limited resources. Nature has enough to fullfil your needs, but not your greed. Think wisely. Reduce your needs and you will feel more happy.

I just come across a lot of such things when I roam in my city, so I just thought to share it online with my all friends.

Thank you for reading this.

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  • >>Nature has enough to fullfil your needs, but not your greed.  

    So true, so true... 


    BTW almost every night I have deers in my garden, and they love eating my flowers. So I give a little something back. ;) 

  • Hi Dreamer,

    I actually agree with you, even albeit SNR had made some thinkable suggestions. Plus I have to say that even in so called thrid world countries a change has started. For instance in Thailand they sell fruit and such wrapped in banana-leaves instead of plastic packs. what a great idea. They have less problems with such behave than so called first world countries. Or in Africa there is a nation where they meticuluously watch that noone drops the plastic trap in the streets. more important were that plastic packs were avoided. Though it would mean a huge loss for the western economy. That is why the change to natural materials is feared.


    great topic, btw. Thanks for hoefully starting an interesting discuion.




  • Dear dreamer, 

    A nice and thought provoking blog. I agree with you to 75% on thinking twice before buying something. Cause if u have money and can offered something n stil don't buy then u might be labelled miser  :) 

    Here is my reason. If you say fashion then let's talk about fashion. If u buy some extra pair of clothes then I think there is no harm of it. I am not saying excessice. Cause u always have an option to donate old but in good condition clothes to poor who are in need of it. I would say if u buy one new dress u should donate one as well to needy people. If u say gadget like mobile so we have option to sell the old one in cheap cost and buy a new one. 

    Last thing as I can see in the picture there is a myriad of plastic waste but it is inevitable to avoid plastic nowadays. You buy yougurt it would be packed in plastic container, if u buy juice or any drink it would be packed in plastic. We can't say no to have food. :) 

    But no doubt this problem is a major threat to our environment. 

    I think every person should try to plant as many trees  as he or she can. 

    Thanks for sharing this meaningfull blog.

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