Blog Challenge: Cleft Sentence


It is the bird that whistles the lovely voices
It is the forest that provides much oxygen for us
It is the sea that is rich in various kinds of marine lifes
It is the earth that we should protect from corruptness ...

It was jealousy that separated brothers
It was hatred that made two people hostile
It was grudge that brought on all the things possible
It was greed that caused the world war happen ...

It is for a peacefulness that we should respect each others
It is to get health that people take care of the body
It is about the improvement that we need to talk
It is from the heart that somebody could change ...

Let us keep the earth... Let us prevent the hostility... Let us change to be better...

It was a long long time ago that human learnt communicating
It was Before Christ that people could do writing and computing
It was after the phone invention that the scientist found computer
It was in this century that regardless distance we could meet each other ...

Let me say it is human who has a great brain ...
It is the mother whose affection is never ending
It is the family who always supports me, BUT ...
It is you, it's only you whom I want to meet all this time ...

(wandering somewhere.........)

Just a poem by Onee ^^


Honestly, I didn't know the theme of this poem. Neither love, nor friendship, nor society, nor about earth. lol... Then just came out the tittle "REFLECTION" :D Thank you very much for this useful challenge, dear Expector. I learn a lot from this. To all the readers, thank you so much for spending your time to read this poem. Let me know if you like it. Correction will be highly appreciated. ^^

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  • Many thanks for all the likes dear Evangelina, Mishaikh, Mohammad, Shoba, Adaline, Saba, Oscar, Sophi, Sanny, Elen, Noona, Batuhan, beethoven, and bro DIMI.

    I feel really glad and appreciate it so much. Have a fantastic day, all! :)

  • :D Camel.... I mean the same meaning with.."Wonderful". Thank you for your reply. ^^
  • Just because I was flattered and had no words by all your kudos, I've just come to write my belated reply. so, I'm sorry and many many thanks to dear friends and teachers. Have a wonderful week! ^^
  • Dear Sir Alan R. Nicol, I'm flattered to read your comment, how happy I am. I don't know how to say....just.. thank you very much for your support, my dear teacher. Have a pleasant day! :)

  • Cameeeel, thank you so much for your great comment. I'm always pleased to hear that. Have  a terrific day! :)

  • Dear ELF Noor, it is your comment that makes me so contented. The voice of my heart, I hope we can make it. Thank you so much for your support. ^^

    Dear bro DIMI, for the first time let me say thank you so much for your "wow" comment. It means a lot to me. It is not a poem challenge, but I made it in a poetic blog. Glad to hear your comment. ^^ Have a great week! :)

  • My sister Beyza, I'm so happy you come and read my poem. Thank you so much for your time and kudos. Have a beautiful day, dear! ;)

    Bethoven, I feel so glad you read and liked my poem...what else to say...Thank you so much, oh dear Bethoven..:)

  • Yes are so far.....:)) Thank you so much for your very nice comment. I'm so pleased to have you here.. ^^

    My bro Nimzaf, thank you so much for your nice words. Though I do not cheat in writing blogs, is there any person who never cheat is his/her life? :D

  • Dear Setareh, thank you so much for your beautiful comment. So glad you liked it. ;)

    Eleeen,, thank you so much for the kudos. All of us could be creative, I guess. Maybe we need more excitement, and that time I was too excited. ^^... You know sometimes I could be so dull and don't know how to say something, so extreem...:D

  • A beautiful poem Onee! Full of positivity and humanity. Well done!

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