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  • need to prepare to bring an extra pencil..  =D



    • Right :P

  • Check this out.

    .James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher


    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo



    Punctuation is fundamental, plus lexical ambuguity is a b*tch.


    • What the...???

      You wanna kill me! D:


      • I know, right?

        The Buffalo one's my favorite. 

        "Buffalo bison, that other Buffalo bison bully, also bully Buffalo bison."

        Buffalo from Buffalo, ha!

  • Hello Mary the Cat !...Nouuu. Nouu ! We students never use May and Can phrases !.. We say ; I TOOK this pencil .. This is much b etter. So, we will not needed to say an extra Please or Thanks...!

    Be happy, Live Long... Nice week end !...

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  • Oi there, folks

      MARY, the words of the teacher in your above blog only augment my anguish when I read the posts in the EC chatroom..... CARAMBA!!!

    • Hey Rys!

      Mmmm... maybe you should make use of the 'disconnect' mode more often :D


  • If you may not borrow that (damn) pencil, you may not use it although you can. Although you can use that pencil, you may not use it because you may not borrow it.

    Even if you add PLEASE at the end of your question, whether you may borrow it, you may not borrow, and so you can not use it.

    If you are thinking I am crazy, you may laugh now about me...if you can...LOL!!!!

    And still one thing: If you can find mistakes in my writing, you may correct it.


    Have a great weekend my favorite Cat.


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