Education and Status.

In the morning, when I saw this picture, many thoughts came to my mind.  To get education is totally different than to get a certification. When we want to learn something, it really doesn't matter if our school is nice or not, the most important thing is to learn what we consider important or vital to our life, and learn it well.   Certification and status are totally different matters.


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  •    Learning  is a long life process    " When learning  stops  , the whole life  stops "  on the other hand  , education  is a term related to an organized  official  process of teaching  people. . Learning need passion and talent   . I have saw many people with high  degrees  credentials  who know nothing  they were after a piece of paper and stopped  updating  them self after graduation  . I have heard that big corporations  of technology  aren't  using certificates  to hire their employers  they will depend  on their skills  only  

  •  bet:  Hello. Yes you are right, certification is a valuable key to open doors in society and to be honest with you, most of us we need them. Thank you so much for your comments, they are very important for me.  

    Sleepy: Wow, great observation! I think you would be great as a teacher! Thank you so much for commenting.  

    Onee-Chan: You are correct! In addition of that, have said something very important;"the matter is how we apply our knowledge in life". I think a lot of universities need to pay attention to that. Thank you so much for commenting.    

  • Hi student!

    Nice topic! I would say, the matter is how we apply our knowledge in life.

    Thank you for making us muse this thing. We should appreciate what we have and get.

  • Like you right now after watching this picture and reading your blog many thoughts are rushing to my mind too! I would like to salute who want to learn, literally who are  struggling to get education. Yes, indeed better education means better understanding towards our lives and world. Though certificates also play vital role in our life too. As certificates are the keys to get   higher education and good job and help us in many ways. But, self education is the basic or mother of all types of education. Thanks, student to post this heart goes on with the kids and the teacher.....who are eagerly trying to be educated and  teach the kids...who are after knowledge....despite facing many obstacles....maybe even many of them have come to their school in empty stomachs.....hats off......

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