Corona Versus our Consciences


What is going on? Is it the end of the world or the end of humanity? Would it be a conspiracy of some sort? On the other hand, it might be a pure act of gaining money. More than a quarter of a million people went to the other world. Here, the equation is not balanced.

Shall we go back to ourselves and our consciences? Corona is the cause. Yes, it could be the reason, why not? It could be a matter of paying attention to our deeds. At least, we have done something bad, real bad!

We cheat, Corona does not cheat. We steal, the virus does not. We make wars and kill men, women, and children. Corona does that, but at least, it does not kill kids. We make differences and levels between people. Corona does not know the rich, the poor, or the strong ones.

We oppress, commit adultery, open houses for fornication, viciousness, and many more. That tiny agent that cannot be seen only by the microscope does not do that. Corona brought terror to us, but at the same time, it made our stay at home with our parents, sisters, and brothers and feel one another.

 Finally, at the end of the road, medication would be found for Corona. The problem would be what is the medication for ourselves?

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  • I came to visit  ..


    • Saya suka begito, Fizzy. Thanks for your visit. 

  • Interesting approaches. It seems to me that the most important part of this pandemic was getting closer to our families. Also giving the planet and the species that really deserve a break
    • Porque Diego es bueno! Thanks for your thoughtful comment. 

  • We have an opportunity to observe the stories that happened to diverse people because of the advent of Corona. Although some of those were disgusting, most behaviors exactly inspiring us to move forward were full of positive energy. The world will never be stoped by the cheater, robber, selfish politicians, and acquisitive entrepreneurs. Hence, what we can contribute to the world is to focus on our own business and try to give a hand to others who need help.

    • Haoling, wo fiechang xihuan ta! I really like that. We should focus on our own business and at the same time give a hand to those who need it. There are many contradictories, my dear good friend. Something fishy is going on.  I am not certain about it. Accusations were thrown here and there. We do not know who to believe? By the way, I like you to help me to improve my broken Chinese language. Thanks for your nice comment on the Coronavirus topic.        

    • Haoling, ni hao, wo de zhong wen bu hao. Thanks for your nice comment on the Coronavirus blog. I shall reply soon. I want to go to eat Sahoor, Sahoor is a meal at dawn before we fast. It is like getting ready for the fast on the following day. Thanks again Haoling

    • Marvioloso Diego Medina! I really liked that intervention a lot. The politicians are trying to politicize the matter for their own benefits. Even the (WHO) noticed that from the second month. I heard the director of that organization telling heads of states and countries not to interject or insert politics into Coronavirus. Mr. Medina, I think some people know and it seems that money has got to do with it. Thanks, Diego for that nice intervention of yours. 

  • Merci beacoup mon ami, Abdessalam Laimouche. Thanks for pressing the like button of that topic.

  • Corona is great chance to change ourself for better 

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