Come out of comfort zone

We all are working for reaching comfort zone. Is itn't? 

Yes. somebody want to have good house. somebody else want to buy car? the list will go on.....apart from the basic needs of food, shelter and cloth. 

Other words, those are not in comfort zone working towards to reach comfort zone. 

The biggest challenge is once we reach a comfort zone staying there for ever. we should always come out of the comfort zone and trying to conquer next level. Then we will be always in a improving journey...

What is your thought ?

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  • Same as yours... but just a thought so far.
  • ap suku,

    Most of the people as you mentioned they are often introverts.
  • Good topic! I think that without leaving our comfort zones we can't completely enjoy the things inside and outside of it. When you leave your comfot zone, you get only two possible options:

    1) You will be disappointed because of the things outside. And that's why you will enjoy your comfort zone more than before.

    2) You will be satisfied with things outside and that's why you will decide to live there or at least more often to go there.

  • No aircraft, no roads, no ships, no computer ........are made by people sitting in comfort zone

  • Resulta ng larawan para sa quote about leaving comfort zone

    Thank you for reminer ap suku :) I found this vert inspiring and I was reminded of a quote I posted above :)

    Dream big and achieve it. Take a leap of faith and you'll be there :)

  • One should have courage for that. :)

  • ap suku,

    I really like to stay in my comfort zone, I fell perfectly fine there. Maybe some people don’t have such big need of making fuss.

    Though very nice encouraging post.
  • We should take the risk to step out of our comfort zones. But let me say it isn't that easy . The next level might mean the unknown , might mean losing people around or possessions. People are usually
    Satisfied with their medicore living . Only few dare to make the risk get out of the zone . Thanks for sharing ur beautiful words here with us :)

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