Clouds in the sky

are like ideas in my mind,

they are floating up and down,

dancing and whirling,

without a sound.


Clouds in the sky

are like waves in our hearts,

they are moving and changing, 

taking our dreams so far.


Clouds in the sky 

are like a sweet fragance

that thrives,

filling and touching our lives.


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Janeth Duarte

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  • The sky's clouds resemble the recollections I have in my head.

    They're clapping, flirting, and making me feel proud. snow rider 3d

  • Very nice poem, Janeth. You poem reminds a renowned member of this site who is not visible these days. 

    Nicely written rhyming couplet, and organised thoughts relating to our senses and deep inner feelings somewhere between destination and achievement. 

  • The poem is not only beautifully written, but it also transfers warm feelings and smile to me.
    Thanks for posting such a wonderful writing!

  • Hello Janeth,

    Nice poem! I also like looking at clouds in the sky. You are right that they keep moving without stopping, even when they drop the rain. It always has deep meaning.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Onee-Chan! Thank you for your nice words and for taking the time to read it!

  • Clouds in the sky are like memories in my mind 

    They are cheering , flirting  and giving me pride 


    • That is beautiful! Thanks. That goes with the poem very well.

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