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Below is a quotation about Food Standards in the USA from

"In the US, producers adhere to a "Defect Levels Handbook," which sets out the maximum number of foreign bodies like maggots, insect fragments and mould that can be in food products before they are put on the market.

"For example, US producers are allowed to include up to 30 insect fragments in a 100-gram jar of peanut butter; as well as 11 rodent hairs in a 25-gram container of paprika; or 3 milligrams of mammalian excreta (typically rat or mouse excrement) per each pound of ginger."

Do you believe it?

Trump tells May to abandon 'unwarranted' food standards for Brexit trade deal

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  • What Mary said is absolutely right, we all should be more aware of the chemicals contained in the junk foods and industrial foods nowadays.

    Get these two kinds of foods out of  our daily menu should be the right decision if possible. Maggots and insects are just natural protein, but for me they are really disgusting :).

  • But the real problem is elsewhere. Things can be allowed, there can be tolerances for many different unpleasant things. But it should not mean that it's a standard. If people get worried of things being one or other negative ways. It means, that something is wrong somewhere else.. Maybe there's some much bigger and much uglier maggot hidden, which is more difficult to notice because of it's gigantic body.

    I'm not happy, because usually, when there are some tolerances, allowing something in some negative, or unfortunate way for consumer, then, there are people who take advantage of that...

  • really mary!

  • maggots and insects... But don't we eat what it comes from the butt of a hen or the boobs of a cow? Not to mention fish's eggs, snails, shrimps and all that seafood that are like worms and instects from the sea. Maggots and insects are just animals = natural proteins.

    I'd be more worried for all the chemicals that food contain nowadays, such as the amount of arsenic that can be found in any kind of rice (yes, arsenic, one of the world's most toxic poison) or the ammonia used for Burger chains to turn 'inedible' meat into burgers. Here, basically, they take a meat that would be sold in the cheapest way for dogs and after 'cleaning' that meat with ammonium hydroxide (an anti-microbial agent) is given to human beings... So it makes sense that you can eat a burger for only 1 or 2€ when u're being poisoned with something worse than dog's food.

  • Maggots, insect fragments, mould , these all are really disgusting , this must be a Hoax. 

  • @Dara - I see you slipped the double May in there :) Nice!

  • No wonder the Americans are so keen to palm their FoodAid off on the Venezuelans^^

  • I don't eat maggots if I find them inside of my porridge. I leave them to the edge of my plate, but.. It hasn't stopped me to finish my food. But I don't like them.

    It's free protein. If I haven't paid from them then I should not eat them. ;)

  • Yes.. I don't care about those things, as far they are not poisonous bugs. Also for rat's excrements, if it's bread, or any kind of heated food. All the bacteria and viruses are killed by heat. It does nothing bad to you.

  •      I will speak honestly  about my own personal experience   , in my small kitchen  . I have noticed that some kinds of corn flour used for making Arabian  sweets   , if it is stored for more than 6th month   . I see small insects  inside the plastic bag  ,which , indicates that there were small unseen eggs  before  . The same thing  happens with flour I use to make bread after long storage  . One of my friends advised  me to freeze  it  . However  , my mom told  me that they used  to see these maggots  and eat the bread  , a 100 year ago in Arabia  because  of hunger  . This insect or maggot   has a name  in arabic  , but I don't  know what  do people  call it in English  . 

            I think there is no free insects  food  at all  , even if we don't see them 

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